Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am neither the optimist nor the pessimist. I am the one who tells you that the glass should be full with something else.

I think that I don’t think… somehow thoughts just come to my mind from an intelligent subconscious...the challenge is to get these thoughts to work in the conscious mind, within my brain which is corrupted by society.

When I die and reach the ‘gates’, I shall ask God, “Let us first talk about your inconsistencies. Only then we can come to a conclusion as to which one of us should go to hell.”

The best challenge a true warrior must seek, is to fight an invincible opponent.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another realisation

I realised something today. The root cause of our unhappiness does actually lie in what we expect from life. Now, I am not saying we must not expect anything out of life, but the expectations from life must be solely concerned around what we can change around us, by changing what is within us. To make more sense, I will just go ahead and say that expectation from anything external to you is futile.
We can expect from things external to us, only which we can truly achieve first - within us. So, the main battle is within and not outside. We cannot control what anyone thinks and we cannot change any other way the world moves around. The challenge is yet to create a world which is ours within us, and then I think the world external to us will start to change, for us, automatically - because its only we who can control what lies within us and how we let the world control it on a macro level, or the society on the micro.
Expectation of finding love is one such thing, and I truly believe that love cannot be measured by how it is reciprocated. It is a single event flowing from one person - and one person only. I dont know if I am making any sense here, but I believe that many of the people think they are in love, but as a matter of fact may only be 'institutionalised' to think that they are mutually serving a greater cause within them. (to be continued)...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The beginning

Its a sunday and in a few hours, work will begin... once again. I do not quite understand my reason or purpose of starting this blog completely yet, but it is mainly to reach out to you. Its strange that while I still continue to find my main purpose, I know the immediate purposes of any action I take. So, the macro picture is unclear, while the micro is.