Monday, April 9, 2012

The voice

There was a time when tides were high
And drowned I was in its deluge
The present didn’t have much to magnify
The future was always there with its refuge

Whether I tried or didn’t try hard enough
There was a voice, and that was me
It came to rescue and it came tough
Some wisdom that would set me free

It kept me noble, it kept me strong,
When times seemed they would on me prey
Something to hold on forever so long
And I felt it wouldn’t ever betray

In times, genuine and classically veneered
Some questions which never ever appeared
When would times hit me so strange?
That I would be plagued by constant change

The voice no longer talks to me
I’ve been searching for it in vain
Perplexed it is to some degree
Is this nothingness, or is this pain

Visions - they dart in my path to and fro
Each ready with a fanatical sign
I said to them, not quite long ago
That nothing is anyone’s, and nothing is mine.

All that I find in wilderness and wood
To walk the miles, whether I should
To what is will and what is desire
Can’t take much than my heart can acquire

The visions in the mirror are now unclear
As I’m trailing behind of who I am
It seems too much distance to cover
The dismay of belonging to a mindless clan

So where is that voice, disappeared somehow
I still search for it in vain
I search for it here and forever now
And await something pleasantly insane