Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I didn't know...

I didn’t know that in one life, there could be so many moments which are eternal
I didn’t know that the memories I try to run from, will chase me until I understand them
I didn’t know that when people told me I was wrong, sometimes I really was…
 I didn’t know that when I was clicking photographs, that they can be a medium of many fierce memories
I didn’t know that what I passed off as unimportant, will become the details that matter

I didn’t know that when I was thinking of that unknown ‘someone’, I was falling deeply in love
I didn’t know that while I took each day for granted, the time which passed never came back

I didn’t know that when I knew the unknown 'someone' the first time, each time I close my eyes, she would be there
I didn’t know that what I thought was pain, was nothing… and what I considered as nothing, gave me a lot of pain
I didn’t know that my weaknesses, will someday become my strengths
I didn’t know that I had to spend most of my life to understand what it is – and then, there’s so little left to matter

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some questions always remain...

Why does it seem that it is so much of a race on one side, and a process of pulling each other down on so many other instances? Why can’t people just try and understand that life is something which is less to be understood and more to be lived – and then to be lived better taking the experiences you already lived through. Reality is truly very subjective – just like beauty – or for that matter, love.

Everything need not be a lesson. Everyone need not be about how ‘mature’ you are or how much worthy you think yourself to be. Everything need to be about proving yourself right. It need not be about what you have or don’t. It may be false turning true and otherwise. It may be a mess, but it need not be permanently fixated in your head.
Why is it so difficult for us to understand that we can be wrong – not once, but quite sometimes and that maybe our vision is too restricted? Why can’t we stop fuming and getting annoyed at something’s which are a part of the happenings when people love each other? Why don’t we believe despite falling – and despite falling, why don’t we try and make a good difference in someone’s life?

This post is not written to make a point. I’m just not good with points and things like that. All I’m trying to say is that we as ‘humans’ have only grown in the field of the intellect. The only two things which I think humans have made a ‘progress’ in is technology and medical science. Besides this, what do you think we have grown in? Aren’t we noticing that this is all a system, created by nothing but ourselves? Can’t we see that relationships were better and stable earlier, ‘cause most of the people understood their roles in the lives of the people they truly care about? Aren’t we getting more self-centered? Aren't we getting a lot more lonely, despite of so many people around us? 

Some of the questions written above are questions to myself and I am trying to find an answer – a way in which I can make a difference to the lives of the people that matter to me – and the others, who I can reach by just one medium – the written page.