Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We all expect a fairytale

We all expect a hundred percent fairytale without us being even one-tenth of an angel. – Marcus Hades

Write your beautiful expressions and always treasure them. Write your problems, limitations, sorrows, complaints, blames and grudges on a piece of paper and burn them once you write them. Because when you will be in troubled times, the words that soothe will help you more than the words which hurt.

It all depends if we condition our mind to be something like a selective sponge.

We must treasure beautiful memories or expressions we give or receive with the most care and love. You must know that they are not only words, but you said them, or it was said because it was true. If two people fight, they should remember the beauty that exists between them and forget the differences soon, and chalk out an amicable way.

Remembering flaws, arguments, etc. and adding them up just doesn’t help. Have you ever tried adding up all the blissful moments together and seen what magic happens?

I would call this some kind of multiplier effect. And centuries have been spent explaining like attracts like. Bad memories and adding them, speaking them, will create more of them. Good memories and adding them, not taking them for granted, forgiving, letting-go will do that magic in your life.

If you don't receive reciprocation in this, then do it for yourself. It will still make a lot of difference in everything you do.

The crux of this is - you can think only one thought at a time. Make it a good new thought, or a repeat of only the good memories. Anything else is just a waste of life. Think about it. How do I know this? Tried it both ways.

And remember, the clock is always ticking. Time is immortal. You're not.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I wish I could read your mind

I wish I could read your mind from a distance. Do you miss me? Do you think of me? Do you crave for our love? I have reasons to know. But the reasons are not as you think they would be. If you don’t miss me, I will be happy. I will be happy to know that you have other things and people to think of. I will be happy to know that thoughts about me don't occupy your mind or trouble you. But if you miss me, I am not that happy to know that. Because, if you miss me, then why are we apart? Why do you keep us away from each other? Give me no reason. Give me no answer; other than coming to me... before the dawn.