Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Replace it; I wish the pain,
which lightens over time, 
‘cause one that heart contained,
diminished a self of mine.
I have known from myself,
in these long, dark years, 
the eyes can never be tired,
sorrowing from some fears.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Door

The more I close a door,
Ahead lies another still,
And seeming I cannot ignore
What it conveys, instills

When I open another one,
It again leads to you I see,
I’m lost, perturbed and outrun
and all the reasons oversee

A lonely ghost, the ghost is I
and as others just pass me by
I am desert, sand and all above
I now just crave your love

If I am to end, I’ll embrace
an end well-founded and true,
Nothing which your love can replace
Nothing more willed to pursue

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The sea

Which sea shall turn within,
while all turned shallow;
while tears are marking the end of I,
and all of that truth made hollow

The veneer of immortality,
had kissed our life so fragile;
A kiss goodbye each hour of day,
never dreamed would be so agile

The witness are they all,
the rise and the fall;
Have me cornered every side,
with their hurting pride

Then the soul, weeping all alone,
Proclaimed loud it’s not a stone
The sea will always churn within,
Oblivious of the storms it brings