Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Peace? Though in fractions, I find it. I find it in not wronging the just. I find it in not being envious about the little happiness people find. I find it when I wish people well. I find it in being content that I did my best. I find it in not being jealous of someone who has something I don’t. I find it in not being vengeful. I find it in letting go. I find it, sometimes, just being silent, by myself.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Of that path was the destination unseen
Always seemed fairest it had ever been
A charming truth a soul did now crave,
Before it reached a shallow grave
What it felt and more,
made a monster within it rise,
which wishes to destroy every core
That evil lurked in stunning disguise
Threw it lifeless in parts more than two,
More damage than only one can undo,
Caught in between two sides of mine
One seeks to love, another itself hates,
It looks helplessly towards fates design,
Look on as its knife manipulates; penetrates
Each day the monster rises within,
any ruse it does not attend
Aware that if it is not let free,
It will whip till it silently bleeds; and ends

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Replace it; I wish the pain,
which lightens over time, 
‘cause one that heart contained,
diminished a self of mine.
I have known from myself,
in these long, dark years, 
the eyes can never be tired,
sorrowing from some fears.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Door

The more I close a door,
Ahead lies another still,
And seeming I cannot ignore
What it conveys, instills

When I open another one,
It again leads to you I see,
I’m lost, perturbed and outrun
and all the reasons oversee

A lonely ghost, the ghost is I
and as others just pass me by
I am desert, sand and all above
I now just crave your love

If I am to end, I’ll embrace
an end well-founded and true,
Nothing which your love can replace
Nothing more willed to pursue

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The sea

Which sea shall turn within,
while all turned shallow;
while tears are marking the end of I,
and all of that truth made hollow

The veneer of immortality,
had kissed our life so fragile;
A kiss goodbye each hour of day,
never dreamed would be so agile

The witness are they all,
the rise and the fall;
Have me cornered every side,
with their hurting pride

Then the soul, weeping all alone,
Proclaimed loud it’s not a stone
The sea will always churn within,
Oblivious of the storms it brings