Monday, July 4, 2011

The dawn would break...

In the highest destinations,
the moon shines well
In the luminous skies of hearts,
the stars cast enthralling spells

Summoned to glory,
and the stony prisons;
fate trapped itself,
in immense reasons

All the long wings,
clearly broken in the nest;
an essence to restore,
none would now rest

In all the floods,
a monstrous thunder clap;
sighting the eternal,
and a never ending nap

Mirrors reflect gaze of strangers;
Unholy all brooks and shrines;
All the reasons, impetuous seasons,
could not compel time to define

Madness made sense,
to falter was to abide;
Though it was a throbbing edge,
harmony with it was tied

All the time, just flew by;
the horizon never touched the sky
Freedom lurked in luminous visions,
all the threats, some charming treasons

Looking towards the bridal day,
knowing it would never come
hope seemed a crazy indulgence,
nothing left to overcome

Despite none favoured,
nothing could bring it down;
a resolve so mighty,
it just wouldn’t drown

The dawn would break,
and the meadows would be near;
though fortune seldom eavesdrops,
even lesser does it appear