Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I dream walk my way into reality
each moment I feel a silent drain
Being truthful to others and not myself
My life seems empty and lonely and beautiful
As I walk with this molten heart and cold breath
As I reach the small hills and plateaus
restricted on their own, and me present
Time sometimes fails to tell a tale
It is just there, passing but not felt
And everything around me varying, in vain
since my heart is not where it seems it is
I wish you to leave me oh desolate misery
I want to be in some distant land, in lofty spirits
But I want you as well, for with you I know
You keep me a man, and keep me real
And not infected in peoples judgment
and their sanity and their sharpness
Silent night, all I crave, let this journey
Not be a stretched one, if without her
So I can stay, admire, and then pass
slowly being nothing, into nothing.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


In a silent dream of lucidity
it remains calm and protected
distant senses bring quiet aridity
pacifying moonlight remains expected
Oh, I do undergo this reckless conveyance
due to the ocean which ruthlessly burned
carrying some still feelings of gone abeyance
and the sweet haunting my heart earned
Mother Nature plays its relentless tricks
but in these fixtures I am completely pleased
Oh, excuse my haughtiness to your fix
sentiments you cannot from within me seize
I wish to be the silent one in the day
like a pebble on a sea shore
It does only know one belonging; it just lays
it is smoothened in a long forgotten lore
But it is also a kind of an astonishing flower
which blooms under the moonlight of dearth
nothing else gives it such power
Each petal, on it a tear; its only assurance on earth

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Read my mind...

If you want to live your dreams, you may have to first live through your nightmares.

Sometimes I do not understand whether I am the one who is writing the poem/story or is the poem/story writing Me?

The one major thing that is uncommon between me and the human race is the ‘race’ aspect.

The one thought that shall be constantly dominant, shall be the thought to think for oneself.
Bringing out the best or worst in you in any situation is more a choice than force.

For all writers: When you cannot write, burn up a torch and search for your muse. It is hiding somewhere. You chased it away by your thinking.

If we could really be and think as mature as we try to act for self gratification and reputation, we could turn our life quite some way we wanted to.

There is a usually a huge gap between what people think they will do when a situation will come, and adhering to it when the situation stares at them in the face.

It may take a lifetime to understand the difference between wisdom and intelligence.

I can never forget you, despite the distance, because our love is not a wound that will heal, but an everlasting flower only meant to grow.

Lost in a reminiscence of a touch, the moments tapped my senses such.

She left the scene when I said I am an out of sight out of mind person; not realizing I meant that when she is out of my sight, I am out of my mind. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thoughts in a sentence...

Maturity is less of ‘I know’ and more of ‘I wish to know’.

Out of all creatures of Mother Nature, humans are the most fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. Reason: We have logics and attitudes.

If two people who are in love can explain it logically, it is not love.

Humans shall always be with this beautiful curse; that as emotions walk in, logic walks out – and vice versa.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I wish I was the sunlight
To make your day sunny and bright
I wish I was the moonlight;
Just keep your windows open
I would come each night unawares
To cast my coolness on your beautiful face
And to just watch my sleeping beauty.
I wish I was the breeze around you
To run my fingers on your face, and soothe your skin,
And to wave your silky hair
like beautiful curtains of shyness
and you could feel me gently touching you
I wish I were the words you read each day
To be read and understood as I am
I wish I was all the moments that make you laugh
I wish I was your pillow,
So you could sleep and forget all worries
I wish I could be a more hundred things
But it seems I just can wish
I am tied down by some strings
But with you in my heart all the times,
I have a lot each day to cherish

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My world

Rains come and go,
and the flowers lose their fragrance
But some feelings can never lose their meaning,
Also words, if they are said from within me
I am yours, I am your soul speaking
and you may not know you have to believe me
Clouds cover over you time and again,
You sought the rains from them yet again,
It’s me now who is breathing and I know
you are just pretending to survive while I rejoice
Because, I loved and I still do, and will forever
Awake within me are still dreams you try to forget
you smile but you do not believe,
You may be alone, but I am entwined to another me
Please don’t cry, but your tears make me pure
I cannot smile, but I do believe, and I am joyful
You may need fixing, but I do not
I can never be broken, maybe you are, I wonder why
Questions I have, but now I think I know
While your world consists of words and many things
My world consists of feelings, emotions and dreams

Lyrics of my first self composed song 

Scribbling my thoughts again...

  • Believe in yourself. But to have a true self learn to believe when your loved ones point out your flaws. Respond. Dont react.
  • Never deny feeling good and pure emotions because you think its troublesome in the present. They have a bad habit of boomeranging back when you least expect.
  • Possessiveness knows no reason, no situation, no time and no season...
  • The only thing which is greatest to only #take is #initiative for a good #deed.
  • There is nothing like sunrise and sunset. Its the earth that moves...
  • Do not have an addiction for prediction. It has the essence to steal your common sense.