Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I breathe again...

After a long time, I breathe again.

Born again in a swampy, dark place. Feeling pathetic. The medium is broken, shattered; but just before being destroyed, calls out a name. And here I am. Not exactly a favourable place and time, but here nonetheless.  

The greatest fights will now begin at the darkest places. Winning may not even be in sight or possible, but one thing is inevitable – the fight. I have not given up yet.
A hand rises from the swamp, from the quicksand. I don’t know for sure whether I can prevent the drowning, but I will not give in without a fight.

Not even the faintest of lights, my eyes covered in muck – but one thing I can feel – my eyes are open. Bloodshot, cold, but open. Tired, but willing to look at the old things anew. Lost focus, but dreaming of a vision. A vision which has a very faint chance – but there is still a chance. We will fight for it, until we perish.

We will rise to surprise fate, and even if we do not win – we will make the end struggle. We will strangle it.

The smallest of fists will attempt to punch the largest of the giants. Let the storms team up. Let them gather. Let them flow. Let us show them what we know.