Sunday, November 6, 2011

The most fragile things I know

The silence is so confused, but delighted,
because my hope awakens with your smiles
does your soul along with me, ignited,
wait to walk towards the timeless miles

I do not have the precision; you seek from me
for entering your belief, and your pathway
But it seems like two souls were waiting to see
How much can distance by the years weigh

I know souls speak a delicate language,
Which few mortals hear, see, dance in bliss
If not our dream at indecisions peril salvage,
Heavens would cry out our names, and weep

I wish I had the magic, to steal you from you
And make our fate, in its own heaven shine
Amidst this world of stone, something true
A place where nothing but hearts are inclined

Feel it; on a day unknown, I just placed my heart;
placed my heart in your hand, all yours to keep,
with dreams within it, truly mine to impart;
A mountain, undying, and so very steep

A sin it seems, as I silence my expression;
None of these flowers I would choose to mow.
And now, since it lays at your discretion;
Our hearts in your hand, the most fragile things I know.

So remember, whenever you look ahead,
Don’t let anything unspoken be misread;
And walk well, come to me, don’t retreat;
‘cause I’ve laid down my heart at your feet.

Why the distance so near?

The dearth of a bonding,
alive, yet why so seasoned
when destiny runs absconding
’cause the roots infected by reason
Does something which flows in abundance
Always has to be somehow shunned?
I know it is meant in silence
Where the unfulfilled promise runs
Gratitude for the un-spelt spells
I eternally dream to bathe in its glory
But the same, when ignorance dwells
The time always tells that craving story
Why is it designed such that every step,
Now I ever take towards only you
is counted as an insignificant speck
And all the flowers then growing, overdue;
My calm doesn’t belong here
In this hellish place of reasoned noise
Why is it that distance is so near?
where cowardice made its venomous poise
And the hope then teases, hide and seek
Unknown trepidation so loudly within you speaks
Time sometimes gets its victims, like me and you
But the tides always hit the shore
Nevertheless it is meant to crave and drown
In just the hostile sense of our amour
This age can wake up, alive, screaming
But it is denied, none more goes to flower
Though unresolved intentions, the tides know well
That not all times, they bless and shower
Breaking the neck of this heavenly impulse
Explicit that the mayhem is all in mind
The heart though breaks, and shatters
Every piece of mine refused to play blind
What beats within is not the heart itself
Where these reasons the soul gives still
Does it have to go through this loud silence?
Does it require me to consent to such sin?
I don’t know what is it that grows,
under the rule and times of superfluous quandaries
And should I allow myself to be broken,
distancing myself, confined by your boundaries

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dialogues from the movie Sucker Punch

Whatever people have thought this movie is, or is not – I loved it. I gauge movies on many parameters. The reason why I loved this movie is the dialogues and quotes denoting life, strength, hope, perseverance and courage said all though the movie. Even if you don’t watch the movie, have a read.

These sentences, if focused, can change the way you think. Remember, there might be one word, one sentence, or a paragraph or a book which, if focused on, can change your life. Words are truly important.

 “I want you to just relax, feel the music, open your heart to it, let it in; and when you’re ready – I want you to dance.”

“If you do not dance, you have no purpose. And we don’t keep things here that have no purpose. You see – your fight for survival, starts right now. You don’t want to be judged, you won’t be. You don’t think you’re strong enough – you are! You’re afraid. Don’t be. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight!”

“The core strength and tools we need to fight for the life we want is to be found within.”

“‘If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

“For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know.”

“You can deny angels exist, convince ourselves they can’t be real. But they show up anyway, at strange places and at strange times. They can speak through any character we can imagine. They’ll shout through demons if they have to. Daring us, challenging us to fight.”

“You’re afraid. Don’t be. To reach your own paradise, just let go. What you’re imagining right now… you control this world.”

“Begin your journey. It will set you free.”

Monday, October 10, 2011

Listen. Believe. Feel.

Only feelings may be hazy, or mistaken to be transient. Only signs may be discounted as being coincidences. But when signs and feelings come like a consistent combined loving thunderbolt – it is something of heavenly impact. What should you do? Get impacted. ~ Marcus Hades

It is wise to listen to two entities.  Your Mother when an adolescent; and Mother Nature when you're an adult. ~ Marcus Hades

Pursuant somewhat to what I wrote on Coincidence, I didn’t want things to be too dense. I don’t know if I am the authority to speak on many things, but I choose to. I don’t think I have all the time to live by others logics a lot, when there is such a vast store of learning and thinking happening constantly within me. Since adolescence my family knows me to think differently. Perhaps most might think I’m crazy – and if you do, don’t worry, you won’t be the first. But I think that when a man thinks of penning down his version of the truth – his days of existence as a consenting member of Society are numbered anyway.

Do you remember the first time you went to school? Do you remember when they taught you A,B,C? Did you know what they meant before you read them and were explained what they connoted? How they could form into words and create sentences, poetry and stories? 


Such is the nature of our habitat. We cannot understand first time what we don’t know the meaning of. I might give countless examples for this, but I think you get my point. In the same way, we must have heard about signs, serendipity and words like that – but never experienced it before. It might also happen that we might be so caught up in a world in which we are constantly ‘willing’ in our routine, that these signs might just pass us by. I am just lucky I at least read the signs. In my life, in a particular significant path, they have occurred for the first time.

I know of one thing is that I respect whatever is worthy of respect, and Mother Nature is a large entity. I’m just one of those who are following what she is providing to me. Perhaps we cannot get over complaining and brooding over what is or went wrong and hence we don’t open ourselves to what is meant for us to actually live a successful life. 

Everyone has a threshold of courage, foresight and vision and there are countless examples of people who have been the designers of their own destinies; the captain and crew of their own ships. They know that action is the sole way of succeeding, and through those actions comes true living. But for such action, there has to be a birth of a resolve, a focus and a commitment. And that ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, that is born out of signs. I don't know if you know what I mean, but right now, I am finding barely the words to describe it - since, like I said, it is A, B, C for me. 

All I can understand is that it is something that touches not only your heart and mind, but also your soul. A commitment you have to make to yourself is that you will do whatever it takes. A courage which has to be the strongest force you know in yourself, which can be born out of a resolve or love. And having said that, courage, mostly has to be built (and is rarely born on its own) for something that matters to your soul.

People must have spent their lives trying to understand what the true purpose of life is. Some writers have even written beautifully to cover this aspect. Though their views are nothing I am against as everyone has a right to a view, I wish to summarize my little bit of what the purpose of life is in just a few words, as I understand my time is critical actually understanding and following it, and yours is precious for action, rather than only reading about it. Here it is – 
I think the purpose of life is finding the balance and finding out what are the things you (a) have to do and (b) what you feel like doing, to lead the life you wish. For the former, we have to do many things which are required to be done. They may be things done out of a lot of effort, requiring detachment from emotions. I am not interested much in talking about that, since that is what everyone must do respectively as to how they are placed or come to be placed in life.

What I am interested in is how Mother Nature gives us the signs amidst our common lives, and how somethings just happen which stir our soul and makes us realize that we are here for only one thing - true happiness. The word 'Serendipity' was a word which I had an idea of – but now I believe I know what it is. I think I can feel it. If you listen closely to Mother Nature, or have done that already, you will know what I am talking about. And then, when that happens to you, don't turn away and get stuck in logics. Face it. It is meant for you. It is a gift, as I said. And Mother Nature doesn't bless all with them. 

Logical issues in life can be concluded by the mind as well, but the mind alone is rarely capable of making decisions which can make your soul feel worthy of a life. And a worthy life is not only lived for the self, but for those who you love, and for those who matter to you.

Why do I think this way? I wouldn't want to end up thinking towards the end of my life that I didn't listen to Her when she wished to guide me – and how my life could have changed. A life which would most importantly affect the soul in innumerable blessed ways - because according to me, that is all that counts. The successful people are those who realize and achieve their purpose. Those who listen to what She says JUST ONCE (I believe she has many doors to knock, and I'm unsure whether she has the time to knock your door again), and then listen to their heart and soul conjointly. What exists in the mind is just details. I used to think this, and promised myself I would listen to her if and when it happens. And now, she is talking to me, knocking at my door. At least I will do my calling from Her until death. 

Think for a while. Have you? Will you?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What are coincidences?

Listen to it. Can you? May be for the first time in your life. But there is a lot of divine silence if you really listen. ~ Marcus Hades

What is it really? Words are just a medium, but can everything really be expressed? What people call coincidence, or write it off as ‘just happens to be’ may not be what we think about.

I am just an average ordinary bloke, but recently I have seen something’s happen – things which never happened before, and it somehow just doesn’t feel like coincidence. What pulls me towards the source of the so-called coincidence is some kind of divine silence. The silence talks to me and just refuses to use the logical approach and write it off as something which is just misread.

No. It’s not misread at all. I am sure of it. Sometimes, I think I have found my destiny in the respect of which it matters, and suddenly all of my life makes sense. I just hope that this is felt by the source as well. I think some people and situations are just meant to complete each other. And that is serendipity - and not coincidence.

I would like to share with all of you that everything does not need to make sense in the strict meaning of our terms. There are things which are unknown and which are hidden for years. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps because the time wasn’t right anytime else, and it wasn’t just meant to be then. But it is meant to be now. 

Mother Nature is kind and shows us the path ONCE - just once. But again, do we really listen?
I am still new to this journey, but yes, I do understand that something is happening. For now, I can just wish.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

From Novice to Novelist - a guest blog post by Michele Shaw

Dear Reader,

It is indeed my privilege to have my first guest post from a good friend and a writer who has pretty much been there, done that when it comes to writing fiction. If you want to write a novel, and are a beginner - this post could change your approach and be one of the most important you've read.

I would like to briefly intoduce Michele Shaw who tweets by the handle @veertothewrite

He Bio says - Author represented by Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary. I write YA, horror, and short stories. I may bust out a poem on a whim.

Trust me, that says too little about her, and you have to visit her on

This is what Michele has to say about going from Novice to Novelist.

- Marcus


Writing a novel is a daunting task, but one any writer with the passion, drive, and determination necessary can accomplish. Now, writing a good novel? That takes practice and a bit more stamina, not to mention voice, the ability to carry a story with conflict and tension, and bringing it to a logical end without everything falling apart. Writing a great novel? Yikes, you need all of the above plus talent. Oodles of it.

Getting any novel published and into the hands of readers has its own challenges, but none of them matter if you don't: Write. The. Book. Here are some things I'd like to share as reminders to help you get started:

* Know the basics of grammar and punctuation. No one is perfect, but brush up. You'll save yourself a lot of time down the line if there's less to fix. I make mistakes all the time (probably even in this post), but I’m always learning and it’s getting easier.

* If you want to write for fun only, by all means, do! But, if you plan on getting ANY kind of writing published, consider taking a class that includes group critiques. You really need to know if you have the stomach for criticism, because it will come, and there will be times when it's not pretty. Many times. Classes that offer feedback can give you a glimpse into what you're in for, and you aren't tied to a permanent critique partner or group at that point. Also, you can practice your writing, learn, and make writer friends. All good things.

* Write what you like. Don't write what's hot at the moment, what your mother wants you to write, or what seems "easy." Write what gets you excited to sit in front of that keyboard, what keeps your mind churning when you try to sleep, what comes from your heart. Everything else is a waste of time, and it will show in the writing. Read extensively and think about what you liked in those books. That can guide your interest in writing.

*Revise carefully. When you receive feedback, read it, but know you aren't bound to those suggestions. If they are great and you see big improvements in your story, go for it. But, there will be times when you just don't agree, and THAT'S OKAY! Be grateful for the feedback, but selective with what you use.

*Develop your own approach and know that what works for you is the only "right" way. Write at the time of day that works, in the location that distracts you least or inspires you most. Plot if that's what gets you going, pants if you have to start writing to start writing. Don't expect to have your approach all figured out in a day, either. It takes trial and error, and most of all, time.

* Know going in that your first draft will probably be a mess. You should still try to do your best, and it should have a good foundation, but know that revisions, editing, possibly even rewriting are in your future after you hit "The End."

*Finally, just do it. Stop talking about writing, tweeting about writing, reading articles, and whining about how you don't have enough time. You'll never finish if you don't start. Now...go!

written by Michele Shaw

Friday, August 5, 2011

Not at all...

Does the voice in you,
Touch, and cry to you.
The never taken path, but yet found.
Through the obscure broken visions,
Of your untouched reality.

Fire within, yet cold outside;
Unsettling icicles form the path of my breath.
Moving to be a master of nothingness.
And what is created;
Is exorbitant, free, unwound, alive.

Your darkening eyes around whats bright
And the shallow depths of what made those things
Here, nothing is duty, rightly more, a call
Envision not a clearer sky,
But a sky not at all

Monday, July 4, 2011

The dawn would break...

In the highest destinations,
the moon shines well
In the luminous skies of hearts,
the stars cast enthralling spells

Summoned to glory,
and the stony prisons;
fate trapped itself,
in immense reasons

All the long wings,
clearly broken in the nest;
an essence to restore,
none would now rest

In all the floods,
a monstrous thunder clap;
sighting the eternal,
and a never ending nap

Mirrors reflect gaze of strangers;
Unholy all brooks and shrines;
All the reasons, impetuous seasons,
could not compel time to define

Madness made sense,
to falter was to abide;
Though it was a throbbing edge,
harmony with it was tied

All the time, just flew by;
the horizon never touched the sky
Freedom lurked in luminous visions,
all the threats, some charming treasons

Looking towards the bridal day,
knowing it would never come
hope seemed a crazy indulgence,
nothing left to overcome

Despite none favoured,
nothing could bring it down;
a resolve so mighty,
it just wouldn’t drown

The dawn would break,
and the meadows would be near;
though fortune seldom eavesdrops,
even lesser does it appear

Monday, June 20, 2011

What shall be my way?

I wonder if it should twinge to love this way,
this isn’t something I had to try
If I would have a choice to ignore and let go,
I would so much rather die
The ways of things are strange and narrow,
and it tries to push me more in obscurity
But I realize that it is now chosen,
though considered as a dreaded insanity
There are some ties which can’t be broken,
simply to leave them as they are
What if you felt the harmony of such light,
despite you’re near, or far
To walk this way, to learn the indications,
it wasn’t hard to tell
as I withdrew, it only grew,
a forever self replenishing well
I just hold on to the ledge of hope,
and grow stronger with each passing day
If you loved me at any point in time,
Can you tell me, what shall be my way?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Any part of your way...

Gratitude extends to no one but you
You made me realize what is true
The time I long, the moment I seek
To land my love, my lips to your cheek

I shall always be indebted to you
I shall always be in love with you
Distances which pain, foolish is the cause
Don’t know why we allowed, the time to pause

Can you hear me whisper, calling out
Everyone hears it, without a doubt
Can you feel, each moment I walk the mile of missing
And do signs come to you, singing, kissing

I think there is some higher purpose
But I can’t take more of this pain
Can you feel a bit of what I do
Is nothing but love for you, true, insane

Why can’t you open yourself, or do you lie?
Why these reasons stronger to care for
I may be a devil, no one hears it, but I still pray
You are all that I ever think of anymore

If this is some kind of test, I wouldn’t know
If I had the care to suffer losing, I wouldn’t show
While I feel you within me everyday,
Do these feelings touch any part of your way

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The wrong of wrongs...

You look towards the crossroads, and I have no choice
To say that much is cared for, I now have no voice
Always dared to commit the wrong of wrongs
All world thinks I deserve the world; I’m insane
But who can lift the seasons of a fool who knows
When the soul is in division of itself, night and day
Why do all the turbulent seas bring me to the same shores
Tired of all the reckless and the mindful chores
And finding it difficult to swallow me entirely,
Damned is the land and shameful is even the ravenous sea
I never clamber to the loftiness of a dreamless sleep
As within each of mine, there are deeply ground fences
All prospects are mere bodies, lurking shadows deep
And in another reality, lies the pain of your absent presence
Any worldly thing as I extend a mental embrace,
Within all that’s distinguished, I always see your beautiful face
We’d spend the same times, we’d wind the same clocks
In another territory, save for your abysmal ignorance
The flowering, embroidered, and torn yet refined delusion
Why is it only the dead can be forgiven, and commit to memory
Do you undergo the exquisiteness of this chosen misery
A proud, haughty and not so well deserved mind; a fool
Is the pertinent sanctity really been given to what’s unseen, unfelt – yet,
How habitually is it felt, we’re doing what we should
in a world built only from metal and wood,
While some other domain lies somewhere, thus far obscure,
and hiding, waiting, watching from within a hood

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The unsung song

I got caught, from heel to throat
And it all seemed supernatural
Not caring what is thought of it
Neither how my own self wrought it
I didn’t ever realize what disaster occurred,
to my mind, my sanity to just be
But it didn’t seem any moment suffered
Which only the night and moon could see
And as I keep staring at it, and belong
Even it realises there is some magic
Even it listens to the unsung song
But with the hearts trapped within, it’s tragic

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I didn't know...

I didn’t know that in one life, there could be so many moments which are eternal
I didn’t know that the memories I try to run from, will chase me until I understand them
I didn’t know that when people told me I was wrong, sometimes I really was…
 I didn’t know that when I was clicking photographs, that they can be a medium of many fierce memories
I didn’t know that what I passed off as unimportant, will become the details that matter

I didn’t know that when I was thinking of that unknown ‘someone’, I was falling deeply in love
I didn’t know that while I took each day for granted, the time which passed never came back

I didn’t know that when I knew the unknown 'someone' the first time, each time I close my eyes, she would be there
I didn’t know that what I thought was pain, was nothing… and what I considered as nothing, gave me a lot of pain
I didn’t know that my weaknesses, will someday become my strengths
I didn’t know that I had to spend most of my life to understand what it is – and then, there’s so little left to matter

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some questions always remain...

Why does it seem that it is so much of a race on one side, and a process of pulling each other down on so many other instances? Why can’t people just try and understand that life is something which is less to be understood and more to be lived – and then to be lived better taking the experiences you already lived through. Reality is truly very subjective – just like beauty – or for that matter, love.

Everything need not be a lesson. Everyone need not be about how ‘mature’ you are or how much worthy you think yourself to be. Everything need to be about proving yourself right. It need not be about what you have or don’t. It may be false turning true and otherwise. It may be a mess, but it need not be permanently fixated in your head.
Why is it so difficult for us to understand that we can be wrong – not once, but quite sometimes and that maybe our vision is too restricted? Why can’t we stop fuming and getting annoyed at something’s which are a part of the happenings when people love each other? Why don’t we believe despite falling – and despite falling, why don’t we try and make a good difference in someone’s life?

This post is not written to make a point. I’m just not good with points and things like that. All I’m trying to say is that we as ‘humans’ have only grown in the field of the intellect. The only two things which I think humans have made a ‘progress’ in is technology and medical science. Besides this, what do you think we have grown in? Aren’t we noticing that this is all a system, created by nothing but ourselves? Can’t we see that relationships were better and stable earlier, ‘cause most of the people understood their roles in the lives of the people they truly care about? Aren’t we getting more self-centered? Aren't we getting a lot more lonely, despite of so many people around us? 

Some of the questions written above are questions to myself and I am trying to find an answer – a way in which I can make a difference to the lives of the people that matter to me – and the others, who I can reach by just one medium – the written page.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The dream be dense...

Why does everyone’s noise,
tell you where to go
and all the senseless tales,
bring you down, to and fro

Just consume that very drug
which brings in the calm
your inner voice may then sing
in a sweetly grotesque form

It’s the silence which holds
all the secrets of eternity
But here lies my bed of thorns
Afraid to fly to an unknown destiny

But how real is real really,
when it’s all what you can think
A reverie is to in trance live freely
Until your deep dark secrets sink
Caught in the web, one cannot feel;
the senses numbed by what is called sense.
Mesmerized; dancing with a shadow that steals,
Enveloping you in a story; shall the dream be dense

Saturday, March 12, 2011

IQ and the Blank Page

It’s really been a while since I wrote and my frequency is declining. The material world takes too much of my time, in which I am using the hyped IQ to achieve some common unknown goals which everybody seems to be chasing. The Rat Race – and all of that. Well, it’s all to be short lived anyways… and I’m back… kind of.
I see an increase in my readers and that is a great fact to know. Thank you. That increase made me want to come to the blank page this time around. You give me some of that encouragement to write; when I’m caught up playing ‘human’. And I really do think I need to get to the blank page more often henceforth. I do not have any specific topic to discuss in this post, but I just thought we need to chat for a while – u know, generally.

Speaking of IQ and the Blank Page, I often wonder about how life can shape up. What unknown dimensions does it have? What can you think about anyone who would do not possess the IQ (which normal humans are blessed with), has speech problems and is dyslexic? What will he/she be like when he is 25; or 30? What would you think his/her future would be? Can anyone guess? Tough future, isn’t it?

That’s because we are tuned to thinking in a particular way, and do not create and follow any way of our own. The thinking which we think is our own is nothing but a choice which you have given yourself within your restricted sphere of imagination. Society, peers and this so called gigantic ‘world’ does have an influence on you in your growing years. The IQ grows as well in all humans and then it leads to taking a path, once again within your restricted sphere of imagination; which ironically, is called ‘reality’ by most humans. But the trouble is; we don’t nurture it in tune with our emotions. Yes, we do live in a society and ‘man is a social animal’ and all of that fundamental talk which is squeezed in our mind when we are the most vulnerable to learn.

I feel privileged to NOT have a common sense earlier to learn whatever was taught to me. It made me think on my own. It made me look around and draw my own conclusions rather than the limited choices which people think about due to Education and Society norms, morals / ethics; or whatever. Post developing an IQ, I noticed how its speedy development started affecting my judgment and reasoning. That is a long drawn discussion, but all I am saying is – in the end it made me realize one thing – nothing can be generalized. Everything can exist and anything is possible. I realized that life is not about how many days you spend in the arms you love, but how many hours you truly believe in it. It made me wonder why do we follow something’s about religion and ethnicity even when we don’t understand it’s basis – or even if WE want to use it; or follow it. What is peer pressure? Why do we succumb to it? Why do we do things which we don’t want to really do merely because we consider reputation as the next best important thing in our lives? It made me think that why do we get so caught up in a system which is self created; and then which self restricts.

What I am trying to say is – let not people, numbers, past, money, power or anything else determine what is ‘success’ or ‘happiness’ for you. Stop a while and think what your motivating factors are.

In writing, write what you think, and don’t think what you have to write. Give your whole self to the blank page without any edits from your true soul. Will you be successful? I don’t know. I don’t know what ‘success’ is for you. For me ‘success’ in writing is less about being accepted on what I write and more about being able to give the world some piece of information – some missing link – which I believe is being self-blinded in this whole part of the equation of the Rat Race and our search for love, money and security in this world. Success for me is also exploring my own thoughts - though I rarely read my own work back, unless I feel my thoughts have changed drastically and I wish to analyze and re-affirm a point within my own conscious - or even subconscious. Though I do have many illustrations of my so called 'definition' of success -  in a way success cannot be defined. Do you base your success on money, admiration, love, fame – or something else? Think about it. It is worth pondering on it NOW. It is better than reaching the end of your life and realizing that what you achieved is another’s definition of what ‘success’ is – while yours could be achieved a long time ago – maybe more simply and easily. 

Well, that’s all for now. Talk to you soon. Godspeed.

Monday, February 21, 2011


A dream, came and perched
on my shoulder, strong
Then, my eyes only searched
your eyes, it had been long

Like a dove, I went on
and on, flying on my imaginary
skies, clouds of you drawn
every minute; our parting anniversary

Black and white, means nothing

to me now, I just love
you with my unknown might, achieving
something no Gods have above

And with your absence, as I see
nothing but long blankness, into
a world, a prison; I cannot disagree
Until it’s time to bid adieu

But as each judgment bends, its way
into a heart, the depth partially unknown
there is something that distance cannot weigh,
everyday, my love I see, a little more grown
So now it is just me, awake and silent
into these nights and days, I have been
from my senses which soar violent
into a dream, no mortal has ever seen

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why can't we halt...

Why can’t we halt, for just awhile
and breathe looking into the open sky
Why can’t we for a simple reason smile
That there are some feelings, we just can’t deny

Why can’t we sing a sweet new song each day
Or sing the one’s that bring in some light
So that we create a fresh right of way
To experience some of life’s unseen delights

Why can’t we exist each day – a new poetry
and breathe carelessly for just sometime
And grip anything with a bond, fiercely
And trust in nothing, but hours sublime

Why are we so tied up in explaining
For something’s, which just need to be felt
There is nothing worth more than now
Sometimes it’s alright to stop believing

Why can’t we just take a long leap
to a journey so much unknown
Only make the good moments seep deep
In your heart, you’re never alone

So now, I let myself soar towards nowhere,
Whether I’m missing or not being missed
And to me I nowadays these questions ask
And just hold this time by its delicate wrist;
So – Why can’t we halt, for just awhile
and breathe looking into the open sky

- Marcus Hades

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What makes me write about the dark side...

I write this to clarify certain aspects about writing – especially the variety of dark genres. Readers and critiques would always link a writers style with their personality and gauge their mental attitudes and persona. They feel that the writers who write dark fiction and poetry are the ones who are depressed or mentally unstable. They are considered to be negative and perhaps even given advice like “Why don't you write happy stuff?” or “You should look at the bright side of life” etc. I already have explained in an earlier post that I do not have a choice when I write. I simply write and place it in front of an audience. While I cannot speak on behalf of all writers who write in these genres, I can only state this for myself. I write stories and poetry and many articles what I trust do not come in any specific type of work. A story may be classified in a genre, but my job as a writer is to just write, while it is for the people to make that classification.

If you ask me why I write horror, dark or stories representing Gothic romance, my answers are simple. If you notice any story I have written, closely, there are all kinds of elements present in them. The dark side of whatever I write does not come out from within me per se all the time. It comes out of what I see from people around, read in the news or have experienced firsthand. It comes from all kinds of people. Insensitive people, greedy people, ruthless people, selfish people and so many other kinds. I see their actions, their words and the bad ways in which they handle a situation. I see their dark side, and how they comfortably veil it to satisfy themselves and others. This is all seen by me as a witness, and hence this flows into my stories. Well, I honestly think critics need to see the work and not try and gauge the writers personality per se. It makes way for faulty readership and judgment. The writer’s do quite some introspection for themselves I think (hence I guess are able to write). So now, whenever you read something dark and are beginning to gauge anything else besides the work - look within yourselves and answer this – is the darkness you read on paper because of something or someone you know; or yourself? Godspeed.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We all expect a fairytale

We all expect a hundred percent fairytale without us being even one-tenth of an angel. – Marcus Hades

Write your beautiful expressions and always treasure them. Write your problems, limitations, sorrows, complaints, blames and grudges on a piece of paper and burn them once you write them. Because when you will be in troubled times, the words that soothe will help you more than the words which hurt.

It all depends if we condition our mind to be something like a selective sponge.

We must treasure beautiful memories or expressions we give or receive with the most care and love. You must know that they are not only words, but you said them, or it was said because it was true. If two people fight, they should remember the beauty that exists between them and forget the differences soon, and chalk out an amicable way.

Remembering flaws, arguments, etc. and adding them up just doesn’t help. Have you ever tried adding up all the blissful moments together and seen what magic happens?

I would call this some kind of multiplier effect. And centuries have been spent explaining like attracts like. Bad memories and adding them, speaking them, will create more of them. Good memories and adding them, not taking them for granted, forgiving, letting-go will do that magic in your life.

If you don't receive reciprocation in this, then do it for yourself. It will still make a lot of difference in everything you do.

The crux of this is - you can think only one thought at a time. Make it a good new thought, or a repeat of only the good memories. Anything else is just a waste of life. Think about it. How do I know this? Tried it both ways.

And remember, the clock is always ticking. Time is immortal. You're not.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I wish I could read your mind

I wish I could read your mind from a distance. Do you miss me? Do you think of me? Do you crave for our love? I have reasons to know. But the reasons are not as you think they would be. If you don’t miss me, I will be happy. I will be happy to know that you have other things and people to think of. I will be happy to know that thoughts about me don't occupy your mind or trouble you. But if you miss me, I am not that happy to know that. Because, if you miss me, then why are we apart? Why do you keep us away from each other? Give me no reason. Give me no answer; other than coming to me... before the dawn.