Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Stone

As I walked through some gardens bright and dense
And I wandered pondering senselessly
Lately, I was frightened at nights, didn’t make sense,
And felt the presence of a soul relentlessly.
This happened to me, and I would freeze
There was some evil around me I could tell
But now since days aplenty this feeling ceased
The evil distressed me no more; I wore a magician’s spell
Now in the noon of spring I wandered on more,
The magician said, ‘The evil spirit will be so sore…’
Pleasant were now the days, I was finally at peace
I would continue through my life at my own ease
As I walked further, silent, happy but alone,
A beautiful song kissed my ears, it was unknown.
I searched the source in the fragrant breeze
Stunned; the song I saw, was being sung by a stone.

A stone, I repeated to myself, singing such a beautiful song?
It’s filled with words of love for sure, but also pain
The stone stopped singing, after completing the song
When it saw me glance at it, it silenced; it hid its talent in vain
‘Hail you,’ I said ‘I wish to not call you a stone.
‘Such a beautiful song, how are you able to sing’, I asked
It remained silent for a while, but then it spoke
‘A soul moved from here’, it said, ‘singing this song.
‘She was a soul, was pure, her feelings were noble and strong.
‘Hearing her song, I awoke from nature’s permanent sleep,
‘Never have I heard a voice, a cry for love so very deep
‘She sought love of a human and followed him everyplace
‘But it seemed every chance of meeting him, forever got erased.
‘Still in love she was, crying out his name, without blame;
‘What I heard over and over; Nathan was his name.’
As I heard this, on my knees I fell, aghast at such love
When it made a stone sing, it has to be true.
Something then dawned on me from the heavens above,
That Nathan was my name, and she was the evil, who I bid adieu,
Since years I have thrown the spell out and looked for her,
But never have I found such love, which made a stone shed a tear.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Stand

As I stand up each morning
From the tranquil of my unknown dreams
The world changes each day, alarming
Nothing was stable, it seemed
I wish to stand now forever
Until immortality kisses my soul
Somehow it is not realized ever
That little emotions form our whole
Beautiful shall even be the guise
Uprising shall be all motives and purpose
Truth shall be all, until demise
Life shall be music; a symphony composed
Why are we afraid then, to seek refuge
None are reasons for love to refuse
Though they seem many, but years are few
Until their last one should always remain true

Sunday, September 12, 2010

No heavens above

Withstanding the cold contradictions of a heartless heart
There are some uncalled decisions which hurt like a dart
Not realizing sometimes that in love there is nothing to refrain,
But now shall be allowed to sleep on the bed of pain

Changing of attempts from a conscious core within
The weaknesses of another are also now seeping in
Adamant on another level but shy even to forget a trice
Giving up seems sane when too high seems even a negligible price

Wandering through an open space rarely the ground is found
Thoughts which are miserable at such stage, always seem profound
Further my love gets along with such a fierce boost unseen
Making love with my thoughts, my truth being made a figurine

Shallow may be the world in its trying to make the sense
Anytime there is a wish, thrown is the love and built a fence
It may seem like all is a waste what people call love
Dawned upon shall be the truth, that it’s here, there are no heavens above