Monday, February 23, 2015


How was it that it came upon me?
Why would I crave to be so free?
Pondering over all the years spent;
Wondering what was the soul’s intent
Traveling round in circles it seems,
Bits of reality and chunk of dreams
The way out of this darkness is far,
Since we are stuck in hell’s reservoir
Hope, a thick cloud, faith is a dead sea
The future, something I might oversee
And then I also cannot seem to find,
A beautiful zeal, a gladness undefined
How to move something that is frozen?
Those wills, emotions, elevated notions;
When decisions are a malicious snake
With more than body and soul at stake
Yet, for now, we shall just wait,
Until the destinies decide to innovate
I wait for the arrival of those hours,
While I dig within and plant these seeds;
The raven calls, and its call overpowers
But I’ll live, for my unearthly needs