Monday, June 20, 2011

What shall be my way?

I wonder if it should twinge to love this way,
this isn’t something I had to try
If I would have a choice to ignore and let go,
I would so much rather die
The ways of things are strange and narrow,
and it tries to push me more in obscurity
But I realize that it is now chosen,
though considered as a dreaded insanity
There are some ties which can’t be broken,
simply to leave them as they are
What if you felt the harmony of such light,
despite you’re near, or far
To walk this way, to learn the indications,
it wasn’t hard to tell
as I withdrew, it only grew,
a forever self replenishing well
I just hold on to the ledge of hope,
and grow stronger with each passing day
If you loved me at any point in time,
Can you tell me, what shall be my way?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Any part of your way...

Gratitude extends to no one but you
You made me realize what is true
The time I long, the moment I seek
To land my love, my lips to your cheek

I shall always be indebted to you
I shall always be in love with you
Distances which pain, foolish is the cause
Don’t know why we allowed, the time to pause

Can you hear me whisper, calling out
Everyone hears it, without a doubt
Can you feel, each moment I walk the mile of missing
And do signs come to you, singing, kissing

I think there is some higher purpose
But I can’t take more of this pain
Can you feel a bit of what I do
Is nothing but love for you, true, insane

Why can’t you open yourself, or do you lie?
Why these reasons stronger to care for
I may be a devil, no one hears it, but I still pray
You are all that I ever think of anymore

If this is some kind of test, I wouldn’t know
If I had the care to suffer losing, I wouldn’t show
While I feel you within me everyday,
Do these feelings touch any part of your way

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The wrong of wrongs...

You look towards the crossroads, and I have no choice
To say that much is cared for, I now have no voice
Always dared to commit the wrong of wrongs
All world thinks I deserve the world; I’m insane
But who can lift the seasons of a fool who knows
When the soul is in division of itself, night and day
Why do all the turbulent seas bring me to the same shores
Tired of all the reckless and the mindful chores
And finding it difficult to swallow me entirely,
Damned is the land and shameful is even the ravenous sea
I never clamber to the loftiness of a dreamless sleep
As within each of mine, there are deeply ground fences
All prospects are mere bodies, lurking shadows deep
And in another reality, lies the pain of your absent presence
Any worldly thing as I extend a mental embrace,
Within all that’s distinguished, I always see your beautiful face
We’d spend the same times, we’d wind the same clocks
In another territory, save for your abysmal ignorance
The flowering, embroidered, and torn yet refined delusion
Why is it only the dead can be forgiven, and commit to memory
Do you undergo the exquisiteness of this chosen misery
A proud, haughty and not so well deserved mind; a fool
Is the pertinent sanctity really been given to what’s unseen, unfelt – yet,
How habitually is it felt, we’re doing what we should
in a world built only from metal and wood,
While some other domain lies somewhere, thus far obscure,
and hiding, waiting, watching from within a hood

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The unsung song

I got caught, from heel to throat
And it all seemed supernatural
Not caring what is thought of it
Neither how my own self wrought it
I didn’t ever realize what disaster occurred,
to my mind, my sanity to just be
But it didn’t seem any moment suffered
Which only the night and moon could see
And as I keep staring at it, and belong
Even it realises there is some magic
Even it listens to the unsung song
But with the hearts trapped within, it’s tragic