Monday, May 31, 2010

To all my readers - thank you

Dear Followers and Readers,

Just thought I should write a short note to let you all know that I am honored and privileged to have you reading my blog. Many of you don’t follow me, but yet read me. You form the list of my top readers and you shall always have my undying adoration. A writer is hardly anything without his readers.

But I must admit, I would still be a writer but I wouldn’t be what I am without my Dear Reader. Maybe every writer has one dear reader – maybe not. I am just glad I have one.

I look forward to your valuable comments for my post and otherwise. Please feel free to email me on

Thank you and Godspeed

Marcus Hades

Another layer remains...

In deep slumber I have never remained,
But rarely have I been truly explained;
But I try and find answers to the answers I get
The questions never fully rose, as I try to forget

Darkness sheds itself from under my skin,
But beneath it though another layer remains
While I am faltering and walking the line thin
Separate are my thoughts, but I sustain

As I be the sand in my hourglass of life,
Each day sometimes I fall; then turn, also rise
Failing to resurrect sometimes from the fall of precision
But earnestness is all I wish to see in the hours of decision

Untying my amour from the strings of darkness
My heart is half full of moments of abruptness
Like a bird it flies high, but now it sometimes fears
That it may be shot; not make through its years

A forgotten lore learnt in the early hours of my youth;
Despite agonizing, one must always strike me with the truth.
Because a half-truth is more preposterous than a lie;
The truth however harsh, it is always an ally.

The burden not entirely mine; but all mine as well
To be a man, I believe this is what it really takes
Disturbance within me I always wish a final farewell
But sometimes it stands, waiting at consciousness’s gates

But the skies have never been dark all the time,
Hopes that tomorrow will bring in the much needed sunlight
Chary I am, but I allocate my instincts to rule every time
I shall make it to glory, with all my established insight

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Couplets

  • The weather seems confused, and the tree sheds its green leaves instead.
    Covet of the souls may be profuse, yet distance makes love for a moment misread.

  • Depart I shall at an unusual altitude; pithy are my thoughts and resolves.
    Disembarked then shall be populace’s attitudes, when all their myths are dissolved.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Couplets

Couplets are one of the most short and beautiful forms of poetry. While I end up writing a few sometimes out of my thoughts, these are ones which I would love to share with you all. All the three are independent couplets in this post.

In love, logic though in attendance, rarely must rule; hours given to reminisce and mesmerize.
Absence – a beautiful dependence, presence – a jewel; the bond must be complete for the soul to realize.

Anxious I am in a story, longing to sleep in arms of a rose;
The thorns of feelings stain the calm glory, only the winged soul flying high knows.

Steeling the senses, seems sane the goal; rains rarely fell when they should.
Shallow renunciation I attempt for the soul, where the flowers grow partly of wood.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Swear

Winters are harsh; summers harsher in the land
The dove of the soul rarely makes a complete stand
Petrified somewhat of such abandoned sorrow
Until the last breath, each has to see tomorrow

As the stage crawls in its tumultuous right direction,
Situations and events do not at times alter perception
Resonant voices in the woods, skies, seas and caves alike
Several downed wishing the end of sadness strike

Touched by years the soul does, but the mind never learns
Ways in which torches of an unsteady faith burns
Though in vain, brave, the creature always yearns for the sun
From all darkness, in vain it always wants away to run

Long it takes to settle the burning worry of desire
The soul always whispers; fight the water with the fire
Even the edges of a blade start to slowly rust and fade
But the swear is always within, it is never ever made

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I stand, I chose

Occasionally it comes so good to be true
Sometimes it comes as a nightmare
What is all, what is everything about?
What have I got to lose, what have I to share?
The raven has knocked my door many a times
Times I have felt where I will not survive
But yet another day breaks and the sun shines
Though not the same as before, some pledges thrive
As I settle the odds with myself in the dark
A tree stands alone in the backyard with a broken bark
Survival is not what all life has been about
Hopes of a never ending assessment is always in doubt
Singing in the rains and the sunshine alike
The soul seeks refuge in the hours that strike
They strike with an unforgotten lore of togetherness
What is finally a lie, in what will it dress?
Freedom my soul feels, not bound by this in what I live,
But while I live in it, loads to give and forgive
I know now it is not my predicament to refuse,
The winds change each day but I stand, I choose

More on Love

Subconsciously it is impossible to refrain yourself from loving, however a strong conscious resolve you may make that you will not fall in love. When love dawns in your heart, it’s inexplicable. It just arrives, and the person you love becomes a part of your thoughts and plans all days and nights. Thoughts and feelings just creep in, however hard you try and resist. If you let this feeling grow, realism just being a byproduct of life, it results in lifelong love. If you resist it, it still grows inside you somewhere, creating its roots inside you – maybe unawares. The feeling of loving indefinitely almost feeling it infinitely, expressing as much as you feel and as long as you can is simply ecstatic; its magical, making your soul beautiful and alive. Though no future is certain, two people loving each other live a lifetime within a life; which may be much higher in meaning and emotions than the sum of the years in your life put together. Love cannot be measured in terms of time. It is just there. Refraining from love is refraining from accepting the very fact that you are a human with a soul and a heart. Without love, we all are just creatures who are born, live and then die.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The First Draft

As the first draft of my novel is nearing completion, I have to get up and running for re-writing and finishing the second draft in a span of two to three months. Though I may not be completely inactive, I may just have a post a week.

In the meantime, please feel free to write to me. I would be glad to answer your emails.


Marcus Hades

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is Maturity really?

Though this is a topic I can write endlessly on, I choose to summarize this as briefly as I can.

Maturity is something like humility. The moment people think they have it, they self-defeat themselves. – Marcus Hades.

Maturity is not a norm, but has to be judged from both angles – the one viewpoint is of the person who is judging, and the other is of who is the executioner of the judged act, speech or thought process. I believe most mortals have an equal amount of strengths and weaknesses. Where the difference lies is what one is using to make a choice, or respond to an event – the strengths or the weaknesses. Ideally, I believe that a person who uses his/her strengths more, than he allows his/her weaknesses to dominate a resolve or opinion towards shaping his own destiny is a mature individual. As age happens to anyone, the problems and struggles in life increase and the ability to keep the focus in these situations, and not fold, is maturity.

Social interactions are often misjudged by people in anticipating maturity levels in the opposite people, as most people mask appearance, speech and behavior to hide inner strengths/weaknesses (mostly weaknesses) so as to present an uncomplicated version of oneself to the world or to portray oneself as he/she wants others to perceive.

Ways to judge if a person is mature are many, but taken only by the ones who are actually ‘mature’. These include coherent thinking and logical explanation in solving a problem, and the art of reasoning while speaking, discussing or debating. The actually immature ones will simply dismiss the opposite person's thought pattern and not understand what drives the other person. That explains quite a lot about why a generation gap exists amongst some parents and their children, and why are some parents and children so understanding and amicable.

In the mortal flow of thought processes, maturity mostly is taken to be a matter of age and experiences one has gone through. Also, the ‘mature’ person may come to think of anyone as ‘immature’, who thinks differently or does not agree to the mature person’s line of thought. Anyone who agrees to ones thought pattern is presumed as ‘mature’. I haven’t come across anyone who would say, “Hey, you think just like me. How immature we are!”

Maturity according to me is not a matter of age, but a matter of how we choose to develop our thoughts and responses flowing through life. It depends on responses and experiences which in turn are based on our value and belief systems. It is again not necessary that the responses may be constantly ‘mature’ throughout one’s life. I believe the toughest challenge is in finding the balance between the IQ and the EQ (emotional quotient) and responding in a manner which is the most feasible or reasonable (not necessarily only practically).

Maturity is not to be judged by external introspection only. It takes months or sometimes years to gauge if a person is more bent on the mature or immature side. Most importantly, the levels of interaction to gauge whether a person is mature or not, have to be personal as well. A newly found friend, a distant relative or a friendly co-worker for example can never get onto those levels. Only a determination of one's entire belief and value system (and actions based on them) can be a determinant in gauging whether a person is mature or not.

Maturity is not something which has to be persistent, but solely dependent on a set of actions and that too with a particular set of people, in a particular situation. Eg. A person may be immature in behavior when it comes to friends, acquaintances or coworkers but may be a very mature individual with family and vice-versa. Also, a person may be mature when it comes to making life’s tough decisions and always find the best possible way out of an adversity, but may be confused in small everyday decision making and may be clumsy in them. A person may also portray a very immature kind of behavioral pattern to whoever he/she interacts with, as a choice, but must be a mature person in his/her thought processes.

A few words said; I believe that a person may not be able to take 'mature' decisions at all junctures in life – because we all lose focus at different points in life when choices have to be made. Such choices are often hard. The ones who make such hard choices, who know when to take a calculated risk, who are empathetic, who think for themselves and are not influenced entirely by society, who are willing to face adversities in the pursuit of something worthy and be willing to sacrifice themselves for the ones they love or for the greater good, are mature according to me. Which situations govern thoughts at which time in life, are solely left to the person executing such thought or action.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sweetly wierd and charmingly strange,
nowadays, you're all that I wish in my range
Where I can see you, touch you, speak to you
None of the lies, but all that is true
The moonlight is now soothing,
it is complete of your thoughts alluring
I want to feel this moonlight each night
I want you with me now, with you is my delight

I cannot contemplate what this is exactly
But I wish to analyze this more than justly
In these nights as I try and understand these ties,
I never fail to see you now in the fireflies

If a greater alliance holds our future, I am not sure,
feelings which are pure, seperation not to endure
Because when we are situate in one place,
I just cannot help myself from feeling the solace.

I shall always be there with you and nothing is barred,
Until the sea rises, or till the earth is charred
Not much I believe should be left to contemplate,
Each day we can, we shall this sentiment celebrate

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Sunrise

As I see my path getting narrow,
you enter in my heart forever
Only you within; yesterday, today and tomorrow
Deep inside I can let go of you never

I do not hurt now that we are away,
because you are always within me
I will always love you anyway;
I wonder how you cannot believe

I set you free now to your course
I’ll always love you through the years
Our next life will be our source,
of everlasting love without any tears

How can I give up loving you?
Every moment I breathe your name
I realize now my love is only true;
You are my inextinguishable flame

All I do now is wait for my sweet demise
With each passing second, closer is my sunrise
Days and nights I now wait, in a new life
When together we shall be man and wife

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Flood

Paper can be cut; mishandled it can also draw blood
Facts upon which I have never slumbered
Each answer that I found, the question backfired
Taking all within me, I now just allow it to flood

Candles lit when freezing rains pour from above;
Which drops will make their flame extinguish?
Friends we all are of our own anguish,
Foes on a barren land of a guilty but fruitful love

As the rain falls on the snow settled on the roof
Some of it melts, while some drops turn solid
It all depended on reciprocation of a silent proof
The crimson creature runs but the trees of faith remain stolid

The grinning emptiness of life always gave a stare
Some will within me hence comes ruptured
To win battles though my strength is rare
Floating desires falling, I wish to become structured

My snow-white love; my capacious passion,
Unaware absence which not much the mind can endure
Everything in the end has to be excused by being rational,
Shammed, heightened and biased; but one feels secure

Where reasons persisted, my moon eclipsed all nights
Subtle inferences on an unknown common sense halt
Immoral expectations it may seem, take such flights
Becoming less than sober; my mind forces a deterring exalt

Ashamed of mind’s shelters; dim and blistered
I shall destroy every flower when it is a bud
Each answer that I found, the question backfired
Taking all within me, I now just allow it to flood

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Purpose

Stop for a while,
hold those emotions
Learn from them, make it worthwhile
Erase from the mind all wrong notions
Become a perfect example
of someone who doesn’t break
Trials in store are ample
Which are worthy to take?
Ask yourself important questions,
but don’t dwell too long.
Time is swift; can’t sleep on contradictions;
Decide which land you belong
Freeze the unnecessary; unbury the promises;
Look for the light which shines with a purpose,
Hear the things which the heart advises
But the spirit to be allowed to impose

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Iambic Pentameter

Iambic Pentameter is a way of writing poems and sentences in a particular meter with stressed and unstressed syllables. Writing a poem or a sentence this way creates a natural rhythm and makes the text more pleasurable to read and memorise. For example.

False face must hide what the false heart doth know (from Macbeth) - William Shakespeare

William used to write in Iambic Pentameter and so did quite some other poets (the reason which I believe, made them legends and their poetry, so rhythmic and classy). As per what I know now, it is very tough to write in Iambic Pentameter as they almost have fixed number of words and fixed number of stressed and unstressed syllables. Hence only a rare few poets or writers were able to write like that, and largely this method is untapped even by most prolific writers and poets.

I do not know how much time in weeks or months or years it is going to take me to learn this, but I have resolved to learn it. Why? I want my poems and sentences to sound better and have the satisfaction of learning something which only a few writers know and is difficult. Simple!