Sunday, March 11, 2012

I run

I run, away from those views,
Which make the sunsets seem like joy.
Much to repel under its blues;
Seeking to find, then to destroy.
I might chase the dreams
and the future so very unknown;
Despite the natures hideous schemes.
The likelihood of some darkness shown
Because every light has its dark side;
And every dark side most times is nothing
Too much to take within long strides,
Decisions in the present, overwhelming
Much seems like there is to abide
Much seems like I shouldn’t
And why I shall everything provide
At a time I just could, or I just couldn’t
And now when the heart and mind divide,
Conviction, wanted but shall be devoid  
A feeling so mortal, which makes me now
Persistently, yet so rare, it does seldom allow
Now ready to face my adored adversary,
I wish to now fill myself with silence
The stillness right now, constant ancillary;
 To a being craving for some inane guidance.
I run, away with those fickle views,
Which make the sunsets seem like joy.