Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The breath which is warm, is now also cold,
The flight craves to cover distances now old
Coveted sleep for the perception unrealized;
Pleasant moments to liberate and kill the lies

Firmly are reverberating some cherished notions
From murky images of the land and the oceans
The isolated resolves which formed the past
When sacrifice essential, disappeared so fast

Furious angels are now torching one another
Not all needs to be analyzed or questioned
Resonate with the doubts I now wither further
Never empty, though my intellect repositioned

Confused, though envisage the mind full of precision
All the senseless destinations of fruitless decisions
A fa├žade of a result beyond a realm or bound
None can expect ecstasy, when the self is not found

Butterflies sweetly sometimes around me flutter
But with the truth at hand; imaginations stutter
Sighting the sun, at a distant land beyond the sea
Drowning may be eventual; no fact to disagree

And the hand which holds firm another
Sometimes feels like caressing a feather
Also has the ability to turn, never blind
Ruthlessly shatter the glass, and also unbind

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