Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I didn't know...

I didn’t know that in one life, there could be so many moments which are eternal
I didn’t know that the memories I try to run from, will chase me until I understand them
I didn’t know that when people told me I was wrong, sometimes I really was…
 I didn’t know that when I was clicking photographs, that they can be a medium of many fierce memories
I didn’t know that what I passed off as unimportant, will become the details that matter

I didn’t know that when I was thinking of that unknown ‘someone’, I was falling deeply in love
I didn’t know that while I took each day for granted, the time which passed never came back

I didn’t know that when I knew the unknown 'someone' the first time, each time I close my eyes, she would be there
I didn’t know that what I thought was pain, was nothing… and what I considered as nothing, gave me a lot of pain
I didn’t know that my weaknesses, will someday become my strengths
I didn’t know that I had to spend most of my life to understand what it is – and then, there’s so little left to matter


  1. Beautiful...
    I didn't know that we would become friends, and our conversations so dear, connected by words sent through the air across an ocean. The unexpected is wonderful.

  2. Yes, the unexpected in all its forms... Thanks for all your kind comments, Michele. I admire your writing, and yes, glad we're friends.

  3. marcus, i gotta say, this poem is amazing and goosebumpy. your voice has a plain clarity and serenity? a controlled moment you open up and etch on the page. i am in this poem right now, the hourglass and surrender and knowing what is slipping away like tears of smiles from nowhere... thank you my friend. sincerely maxfield aka gadgetgreen

  4. Thanks for your comments Maxfield, and I only hope you were able to enjoy living the moment as you stated. This was just something which came to me with a flash, and I thought of recording it - and what best medium is there other than the blank page? Godspeed.

  5. Again...very true and touching!!
    Your voice is heard.. :)