Sunday, September 18, 2011

What are coincidences?

Listen to it. Can you? May be for the first time in your life. But there is a lot of divine silence if you really listen. ~ Marcus Hades

What is it really? Words are just a medium, but can everything really be expressed? What people call coincidence, or write it off as ‘just happens to be’ may not be what we think about.

I am just an average ordinary bloke, but recently I have seen something’s happen – things which never happened before, and it somehow just doesn’t feel like coincidence. What pulls me towards the source of the so-called coincidence is some kind of divine silence. The silence talks to me and just refuses to use the logical approach and write it off as something which is just misread.

No. It’s not misread at all. I am sure of it. Sometimes, I think I have found my destiny in the respect of which it matters, and suddenly all of my life makes sense. I just hope that this is felt by the source as well. I think some people and situations are just meant to complete each other. And that is serendipity - and not coincidence.

I would like to share with all of you that everything does not need to make sense in the strict meaning of our terms. There are things which are unknown and which are hidden for years. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps because the time wasn’t right anytime else, and it wasn’t just meant to be then. But it is meant to be now. 

Mother Nature is kind and shows us the path ONCE - just once. But again, do we really listen?
I am still new to this journey, but yes, I do understand that something is happening. For now, I can just wish.


  1. I agree. I too have things happen that are more than coincidence. I accpet them as a message from somewhere, don't know where, just something somewhere giving me a nudge.

  2. I agree, I too have things happen that are more than coincidence. Someone, womeshere giving me a nudge in the right direction for me at that time.

  3. Hey Marcus

    I feel one should not ignore the Coincidences in life. They can be your passport to freedom or anonymous gifts from Mother Nature.
    Would you be so kind to elaborate a little further?
    Would be nice if you can write about Coincidence & Telepathy together. This is just to understand both distinctly.