Sunday, September 16, 2012

My true rising

For nights, I pondered what kept me awake
Before I knew this just wasn’t for any sake
It dawned upon a realization hard to master
In this world so artificial and full of plaster
In your eyes, I saw what was so recalling;
Tried in vain and in your love I keep falling
As we started walking, gathering sand and roses,
You gave me more than what fate supposes
And then I knew what I had always missed;
was the sweetness of your very charming kiss
And when I looked back, of how must I was lost,
Despite I would perish, I would pay to fate any cost
The strength I found, not from temples or churches
I realize that as this craving slowly emerges
I will love you to the end of my diminishing trace,
and wait for your touch, that warm embrace
As others seek fame, possessions, those things and all
I realize my true rising always lay in this fall

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