Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The heart must now begin to stand

Beginning whole, to every last strand,
the heart must now begin to stand
An endeavor to resurrect into any form;
perplexed to fathom, was this its last storm

Will the soul lose in this conquest,
Or will it turn or burn or decay
The heart disbelieves this very concept;
a lot leaps to surround from yesterday

Looking at the depths down below,
the color the shade of cold snow
The heart wouldn’t know, it was young;
afraid to linger in hope, afraid to be stung

And now when it foresees truth in a way;
It must learn, despite its dismay
Of why leaning on it can be so hard,
denying obviousness can leave it scarred

To survive alone or to crumble like sand,
The heart must now begin to stand

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