Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Peace? Though in fractions, I find it. I find it in not wronging the just. I find it in not being envious about the little happiness people find. I find it when I wish people well. I find it in being content that I did my best. I find it in not being jealous of someone who has something I don’t. I find it in not being vengeful. I find it in letting go. I find it, sometimes, just being silent, by myself.


  1. This is beautiful. I've been a bitch out of vengeance many times but seem to have outgrown this as a result of my own anger literally burning me alive. I pray for the happiness of those who hurt me now, because to hurt others, one must be hurt or broken inside. I just love. It makes my soul happy and my paintbrushes dance and the ink in my pens flows freely. To you I wish pax aeternum and a joyful soul. I hope you have a muse whom you adore.
    I know I do. Love, Jay