Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My wish...

I can’t be with you all the time,
of why I’m very sure
But then it would be serious crime,
To not teach your soul to soar

So my boy and girl, please understand,
I love you too much to let you know
My wishes for you form my every strand,
And hence, even in darkness, you will glow

I wish you understand more,
about the uncertain nature of love
People want it to be eternal and more
While they don’t accept its many forms

I would like you to pay good attention,
When time doesn’t tide in your favor
It will be forced to change its direction,
And even small triumphs you must savor

And when walking in the storm, know well,
when to be agile, and when stealthy
You shall seize the day even from hell,
And of wisdom shall be wealthy

Do not hear their redundant teachings,
Who stop you from being who you are
Let them calculate their misreading’s,
While you look up the moon and stars

This is all I’ll say today,
In the fear of being a bore
All I will forever convey,
Is the power for your soul to soar

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