Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love you

The start of my second novel - which is still in storyboarding process.

I love you and for me it will never be over. Infact, this is just the beginning of my story, and you are in it, no matter what you do or think. That is because you are always in my heart and shall always reside there – in a place which does not consist of anything else but you. Though missing you hurts like a million thorns and I do not think they will ever stop hurting me, I know that despite your absence, I have found the meaning of myself – that I can love you without any rules and conditions, without any borders or boundaries, and without any restrictions or control. I love you in an inexplicable way, which you will never be able to fathom. And that is because subconsciously you choose to look at only what you choose to look at, and you feel what you choose to feel. I will be your past when tomorrow comes for you; but for me, you shall never leave me. I stroke your hair, take your face in my hand and kiss you while you talk - and shall always find you with me, in my heart. I hold you in all the moments, but do feel your absence as well. I feel emptiness inside me and in my life – but yet, I am full. I am full of your thoughts and despite them being one way – I love you. I plead mother nature for another existence in a new life - where there is only you and only me, together, and everything on our side.

Mortals know love as attaining the loving companionship of the one you love and living together in a definition defined by their hearts and predecessors; and acted upon as the magna carta, and think of it maybe as the only form of it. But I know that I shall be the definition and its example of love’s form which maybe unknown to millions – but through words, which do not reach you, and may never reach you – will reach those millions – someday, sometime - maybe long after I have left this existence.

They will know that someone on the face of this planet loved fiercely; someone loved – no matter what. And if then, they choose to call me insane - then I say right now, that I am guilty - and will be.

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