Monday, July 12, 2010

Practical Psychology 101 - The Super Ego

Most people who claim that extra continuous pride in their character and persona is not wrong all the time. But constantly along with blaming another, thinking of them as being a hypocrite, etc. etc… realize at some trice in their life that what they saw lacking in another, is what they actually lack in themselves. When people continue their life, they go through a series of changing attitudes – and that is common amongst all. Situations and times alter attitudes slightly, and that is considered normal - and sometimes is. Those changes are slightly fluctuating within a happy medium even for the recipients. But sometimes, drastic changes in attitude occur in people with a weak value and belief system - which actually change their belief and value systems. It is just that once such a person’s attitude changes, and then their character; they also find all possible ways and means to justify that change – within them, and then find it comfortable to mix well with people who belong to that similar changed attitude. It is like a super ego justifying the main ego which is dependent on a system, which first provides a mental gratification to fill up the gaps in ones life - however large or small those gaps maybe. Some people are consciously aware of these mental gaps and some are not. When the gaps are not filled mentally, or when the peak of this condition is reached, a person will go out of the way and also do things which they once considered as outrageous or incapable of doing because of their belief and value systems prevailing at a point. They will then justify that what they are doing is right, according to them. And some of them are so hopelessly dependant on that super ego system that they fight to protect it - and all people belonging to that same system. They also are the first to lose that so-called character and persona, in the hours of desperation, which they once successfully held for years. But then again, it depends to what extent they can go. According to me, the capacity is limitless.

I have noticed that it is an easy temptation to condemn others who do not fit into your value systems at that point in life and an equally difficult task to reflect on this; that what we sometimes see lacking in others is merely a reflection of our own lack of values or character. But the conscious mind being very strong, always resists looking at your own circumstances and actions from a witness perspective.

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