Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Privilege...

If you judge people, you have no time to love them. - Mother Teresa
If you truly love someone, you will find no time to judge them. - Marcus Hades

It is said that when a person is about to die, he doesn’t lie and his dying declaration is considered as an evidence in any court of law. Why? Isn’t it obvious (unless a person is absolutely wicked), he will speak the truth at that trice? A person spoke shortly to the one he loves and whom he would never ever meet again or talk to again; time was short and words were superfluous, but yet, words were there. On that juncture, don’t words become equivalent to evidence of the feelings or things? Anyways, maybe more on that sometime by next week, because for now, I actually drifted from what I really wanted to say to you all.

There are so many people who want to love, but cannot. They are too occupied in just surviving, like a beggar, a construction worker… oh countless examples of people who are just trying to get one meal a day; and sometimes even that one meal is not square. They suffer from this world and nature. They suffer from us. From disease. The cold, rains, heat and God knows what not makes them suffer each day; and even kills them. Their life is a living nightmare. Is love important for them? Yes. Do they realize that it is important for them. NO. Because their life is consumed by misery and suffering. They don’t have the space to even think about it most of the time, I guess. Do they have ego and understand how it may come in between a love story? I guess not. But we definitely do. Right?

We do not have to suffer ANY of that (I presume you don’t have to, each day of your life, if you are able to read this online on your computers right now). We can think about so many things besides just surviving, can’t we? We can think about intellectualization, materialism, spiritual growth, self gratification by so many means and modes and what not. And the best part is, we can even achieve it. And one thing which we also seek is love – maybe consciously, sometimes subconsciously. Because we have all the means to even fulfill it. But do we even bother to see that getting to love someone and spending even one day thinking about that person is a privilege? A privilege which is so easily taken for granted that we make hasty decisions, break relations and sometimes keep our ego on the forefront. Miscalculations and misjudgments; bigotedness and selfishness has surrounded us. Love deserves to be given a chance, but we don’t give it a chance. We all think we deserve a chance, but another doesn’t. Love needs to pure, but we soil it with infidelity – in thought or action. We all want lifelong love, but we give up when we have to work on the relation; and what it would require is just a little communication, a little time, a little understanding and little emphasis on what is truly important. So, the next time, you see an orphan, a person who is handicapped, blind; a person who is working hard just to survive – think. Think – are you really loving someone? Do you really 'know' and understand that you are privileged?

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