Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Stone

As I walked through some gardens bright and dense
And I wandered pondering senselessly
Lately, I was frightened at nights, didn’t make sense,
And felt the presence of a soul relentlessly.
This happened to me, and I would freeze
There was some evil around me I could tell
But now since days aplenty this feeling ceased
The evil distressed me no more; I wore a magician’s spell
Now in the noon of spring I wandered on more,
The magician said, ‘The evil spirit will be so sore…’
Pleasant were now the days, I was finally at peace
I would continue through my life at my own ease
As I walked further, silent, happy but alone,
A beautiful song kissed my ears, it was unknown.
I searched the source in the fragrant breeze
Stunned; the song I saw, was being sung by a stone.

A stone, I repeated to myself, singing such a beautiful song?
It’s filled with words of love for sure, but also pain
The stone stopped singing, after completing the song
When it saw me glance at it, it silenced; it hid its talent in vain
‘Hail you,’ I said ‘I wish to not call you a stone.
‘Such a beautiful song, how are you able to sing’, I asked
It remained silent for a while, but then it spoke
‘A soul moved from here’, it said, ‘singing this song.
‘She was a soul, was pure, her feelings were noble and strong.
‘Hearing her song, I awoke from nature’s permanent sleep,
‘Never have I heard a voice, a cry for love so very deep
‘She sought love of a human and followed him everyplace
‘But it seemed every chance of meeting him, forever got erased.
‘Still in love she was, crying out his name, without blame;
‘What I heard over and over; Nathan was his name.’
As I heard this, on my knees I fell, aghast at such love
When it made a stone sing, it has to be true.
Something then dawned on me from the heavens above,
That Nathan was my name, and she was the evil, who I bid adieu,
Since years I have thrown the spell out and looked for her,
But never have I found such love, which made a stone shed a tear.

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