Sunday, September 12, 2010

No heavens above

Withstanding the cold contradictions of a heartless heart
There are some uncalled decisions which hurt like a dart
Not realizing sometimes that in love there is nothing to refrain,
But now shall be allowed to sleep on the bed of pain

Changing of attempts from a conscious core within
The weaknesses of another are also now seeping in
Adamant on another level but shy even to forget a trice
Giving up seems sane when too high seems even a negligible price

Wandering through an open space rarely the ground is found
Thoughts which are miserable at such stage, always seem profound
Further my love gets along with such a fierce boost unseen
Making love with my thoughts, my truth being made a figurine

Shallow may be the world in its trying to make the sense
Anytime there is a wish, thrown is the love and built a fence
It may seem like all is a waste what people call love
Dawned upon shall be the truth, that it’s here, there are no heavens above

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