Friday, October 29, 2010

An update

Dear Readers,

My first novel is almost ready for a first revision (rewrite) and this should be done in 3 months. I am still thick of a name for it though. I think I need to get regular with my work now. Post I am done revising it, I will need a proofreader and my hunt for a global agent will be on. Writing a novel is truly difficult, but very rewarding to the soul. You go through all those pages and ask yourself, "I wrote that?"

Along with this, I am storyboarding on my second novel. Hope this one doesnt take too long though. Need your wishes. Keep reading and keep those emails and comments flowing - it is my lifeline.

Also, I have a twitter account now. If you wish to follow, just search for @marcushades. Although I must admit I am not very regular on it, I will be once I get more followers.



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