Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A stretched time ago once when I was hurt
I gathered myself and cleansed away the dirt
Now all time that came, came with care and comparison
And also unaware, born within me was an ounce of poison

I ran into someone and that someone was nice
But initially to believe in that someone, I was cold like ice
Fearful and doubtful I was all along, afraid to have melt;
But a happy existence I craved and love within me I felt

But the poison was within me, and it brewed well
No one could now hurt me, as I wreathed them to hell
But wicked the poison was and unaware it did grow
Now nothing more than the poison was for me to show

I collected it in a jar and placed it outside my home,
To make my foes drink from it, who suffered and moaned
One day that someone I loved came to my residence
Seeming welcoming drink; my poison, was swallowed in ignorance

Before I could prevent, and then to the Gods I let out a plea
Due to my poison, my lover I saw depart beneath a tree

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