Saturday, March 12, 2011

IQ and the Blank Page

It’s really been a while since I wrote and my frequency is declining. The material world takes too much of my time, in which I am using the hyped IQ to achieve some common unknown goals which everybody seems to be chasing. The Rat Race – and all of that. Well, it’s all to be short lived anyways… and I’m back… kind of.
I see an increase in my readers and that is a great fact to know. Thank you. That increase made me want to come to the blank page this time around. You give me some of that encouragement to write; when I’m caught up playing ‘human’. And I really do think I need to get to the blank page more often henceforth. I do not have any specific topic to discuss in this post, but I just thought we need to chat for a while – u know, generally.

Speaking of IQ and the Blank Page, I often wonder about how life can shape up. What unknown dimensions does it have? What can you think about anyone who would do not possess the IQ (which normal humans are blessed with), has speech problems and is dyslexic? What will he/she be like when he is 25; or 30? What would you think his/her future would be? Can anyone guess? Tough future, isn’t it?

That’s because we are tuned to thinking in a particular way, and do not create and follow any way of our own. The thinking which we think is our own is nothing but a choice which you have given yourself within your restricted sphere of imagination. Society, peers and this so called gigantic ‘world’ does have an influence on you in your growing years. The IQ grows as well in all humans and then it leads to taking a path, once again within your restricted sphere of imagination; which ironically, is called ‘reality’ by most humans. But the trouble is; we don’t nurture it in tune with our emotions. Yes, we do live in a society and ‘man is a social animal’ and all of that fundamental talk which is squeezed in our mind when we are the most vulnerable to learn.

I feel privileged to NOT have a common sense earlier to learn whatever was taught to me. It made me think on my own. It made me look around and draw my own conclusions rather than the limited choices which people think about due to Education and Society norms, morals / ethics; or whatever. Post developing an IQ, I noticed how its speedy development started affecting my judgment and reasoning. That is a long drawn discussion, but all I am saying is – in the end it made me realize one thing – nothing can be generalized. Everything can exist and anything is possible. I realized that life is not about how many days you spend in the arms you love, but how many hours you truly believe in it. It made me wonder why do we follow something’s about religion and ethnicity even when we don’t understand it’s basis – or even if WE want to use it; or follow it. What is peer pressure? Why do we succumb to it? Why do we do things which we don’t want to really do merely because we consider reputation as the next best important thing in our lives? It made me think that why do we get so caught up in a system which is self created; and then which self restricts.

What I am trying to say is – let not people, numbers, past, money, power or anything else determine what is ‘success’ or ‘happiness’ for you. Stop a while and think what your motivating factors are.

In writing, write what you think, and don’t think what you have to write. Give your whole self to the blank page without any edits from your true soul. Will you be successful? I don’t know. I don’t know what ‘success’ is for you. For me ‘success’ in writing is less about being accepted on what I write and more about being able to give the world some piece of information – some missing link – which I believe is being self-blinded in this whole part of the equation of the Rat Race and our search for love, money and security in this world. Success for me is also exploring my own thoughts - though I rarely read my own work back, unless I feel my thoughts have changed drastically and I wish to analyze and re-affirm a point within my own conscious - or even subconscious. Though I do have many illustrations of my so called 'definition' of success -  in a way success cannot be defined. Do you base your success on money, admiration, love, fame – or something else? Think about it. It is worth pondering on it NOW. It is better than reaching the end of your life and realizing that what you achieved is another’s definition of what ‘success’ is – while yours could be achieved a long time ago – maybe more simply and easily. 

Well, that’s all for now. Talk to you soon. Godspeed.

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