Monday, February 21, 2011


A dream, came and perched
on my shoulder, strong
Then, my eyes only searched
your eyes, it had been long

Like a dove, I went on
and on, flying on my imaginary
skies, clouds of you drawn
every minute; our parting anniversary

Black and white, means nothing

to me now, I just love
you with my unknown might, achieving
something no Gods have above

And with your absence, as I see
nothing but long blankness, into
a world, a prison; I cannot disagree
Until it’s time to bid adieu

But as each judgment bends, its way
into a heart, the depth partially unknown
there is something that distance cannot weigh,
everyday, my love I see, a little more grown
So now it is just me, awake and silent
into these nights and days, I have been
from my senses which soar violent
into a dream, no mortal has ever seen

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, as always. Every word drips the aches and sorrows felt at losing a love. You never disappoint with your poetry.