Sunday, June 19, 2011

Any part of your way...

Gratitude extends to no one but you
You made me realize what is true
The time I long, the moment I seek
To land my love, my lips to your cheek

I shall always be indebted to you
I shall always be in love with you
Distances which pain, foolish is the cause
Don’t know why we allowed, the time to pause

Can you hear me whisper, calling out
Everyone hears it, without a doubt
Can you feel, each moment I walk the mile of missing
And do signs come to you, singing, kissing

I think there is some higher purpose
But I can’t take more of this pain
Can you feel a bit of what I do
Is nothing but love for you, true, insane

Why can’t you open yourself, or do you lie?
Why these reasons stronger to care for
I may be a devil, no one hears it, but I still pray
You are all that I ever think of anymore

If this is some kind of test, I wouldn’t know
If I had the care to suffer losing, I wouldn’t show
While I feel you within me everyday,
Do these feelings touch any part of your way

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