Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why the distance so near?

The dearth of a bonding,
alive, yet why so seasoned
when destiny runs absconding
’cause the roots infected by reason
Does something which flows in abundance
Always has to be somehow shunned?
I know it is meant in silence
Where the unfulfilled promise runs
Gratitude for the un-spelt spells
I eternally dream to bathe in its glory
But the same, when ignorance dwells
The time always tells that craving story
Why is it designed such that every step,
Now I ever take towards only you
is counted as an insignificant speck
And all the flowers then growing, overdue;
My calm doesn’t belong here
In this hellish place of reasoned noise
Why is it that distance is so near?
where cowardice made its venomous poise
And the hope then teases, hide and seek
Unknown trepidation so loudly within you speaks
Time sometimes gets its victims, like me and you
But the tides always hit the shore
Nevertheless it is meant to crave and drown
In just the hostile sense of our amour
This age can wake up, alive, screaming
But it is denied, none more goes to flower
Though unresolved intentions, the tides know well
That not all times, they bless and shower
Breaking the neck of this heavenly impulse
Explicit that the mayhem is all in mind
The heart though breaks, and shatters
Every piece of mine refused to play blind
What beats within is not the heart itself
Where these reasons the soul gives still
Does it have to go through this loud silence?
Does it require me to consent to such sin?
I don’t know what is it that grows,
under the rule and times of superfluous quandaries
And should I allow myself to be broken,
distancing myself, confined by your boundaries

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