Sunday, November 6, 2011

The most fragile things I know

The silence is so confused, but delighted,
because my hope awakens with your smiles
does your soul along with me, ignited,
wait to walk towards the timeless miles

I do not have the precision; you seek from me
for entering your belief, and your pathway
But it seems like two souls were waiting to see
How much can distance by the years weigh

I know souls speak a delicate language,
Which few mortals hear, see, dance in bliss
If not our dream at indecisions peril salvage,
Heavens would cry out our names, and weep

I wish I had the magic, to steal you from you
And make our fate, in its own heaven shine
Amidst this world of stone, something true
A place where nothing but hearts are inclined

Feel it; on a day unknown, I just placed my heart;
placed my heart in your hand, all yours to keep,
with dreams within it, truly mine to impart;
A mountain, undying, and so very steep

A sin it seems, as I silence my expression;
None of these flowers I would choose to mow.
And now, since it lays at your discretion;
Our hearts in your hand, the most fragile things I know.

So remember, whenever you look ahead,
Don’t let anything unspoken be misread;
And walk well, come to me, don’t retreat;
‘cause I’ve laid down my heart at your feet.


  1. Very touching!

    I don't know whether you know that you've expressed a complete thought in one flow.
    I got it !
    However, I feel there is some more to come from you.
    Looking forward to it.