Monday, January 2, 2012

A story lost, a story found

The stealing had been done
But I walked endless miles
Every restless duty shunned
And donned spurious smiles

I call out your name always, forever
Drifting thoughts of you
Even silence hears them mild
In the city, and the wild

Can nothingness be felt?
Was a query before me
Could all intentions be spelt?
Feelings in a never ending spree

Then it so arrived, an awakening
which slumbered all these years
why do we let these times distance?
why do we give in to our fears?

A dew shining amidst the grass
Taught me what I seldom learnt before
Each come upon their own fate
Some have less time, some have more

I breathe my own mythologies
and some are the ones borrowed
Sometimes, we wore it in a guise
And yet, saw it in our eyes

Our poetry, dancing on the shore
As we knock yet another door
A story was lost, a story was found
The clock mesmerizingly wound

I sang to this starved, hungry ocean
a sea of your dearth, distant corrosion
To see ourselves sovereign of us
And deny the learning superfluous

Not limited by these poor rhymes
Sifting the perplexity of all the times
Our cravings must not now burn and beat
but live to see it form new feet

Why curtains be drawn upon such nights,
strangled in a silence of wrong and right
Let the tamed wilderness cry out loud
The fertile secret between us proud

And how the vague love gave in such
Shall be written, on immortal pages
The divine beauty of such touch
Freedom from designed solitary cages

And our being itself being nothing
It matters just who it be
Of generous things, we give ourselves
In this speck of life, we envisage a sea 


  1. Lovely melancholia. Made me cry for sand slipped through 20 fingers.

  2. You are a great talent. Very familiar... Perhaps my own reflection of sorrow at lost time.