Saturday, February 18, 2017


Bullies. You’ll find them anywhere and everywhere. They come in different age groups, forms and will encounter you at different places – at work, at a gathering, and at other places where you’re forced right into a situation with them. They will tease you, poke fun at you, and make you feel less belonged to any place just because of their own insecurities or their idea of ‘fun.’ They’ll be high maintenance in every aspect in their own circle, demanding instead of requesting, arguing instead of understanding and imposing instead of getting a perspective – and most of all, they’ll be ridiculously unfair.

Two or more bullies sometimes form a pact and try to target one individual after standing on a pedestal of self-imposed illusion of what they might say ‘attitude’. Now, I am not interested in writing about what makes them so. That’s psychiatry. And that’s not on what I am delving in here. There have been so many reported suicide cases due to ragging that I cannot count. Just google on it and check for yourself. And those which are not reported, the large majority, and those who don’t fall in the extremes, are always living in constant fear of them and live a much suffocated life.

Bullies feed on the timidity and decency of their victims through their senseless idea of fun or a fuel to their taken-for-granted attitude. Sometimes their humor is labeled as ‘harmless fun’ when confronted or questioned, or they’ll just shrug it off and push it more – just because they can.

I was a very timid child during my school days, and that carried on during my entire adolescence and yes, during my adulthood which is not very much in the past. I couldn’t say ‘no’, would fall prey to the fear the bullies created that they will do some harm in my usual course of life – and mind you, and I was afraid. Very afraid. But after understanding their psychology and deep diving into their personas, I see that it is not tough to confront them.

To all who can relate to this in the form of a victim, my thoughts go out to you. If you think someone can help you, talk it out with someone you truly trust. There is no self-worth in being quiet or ‘taking it’ all the time. There is no decency in letting people dominate you in the wrong way. There is no calm useful to your mind which creates an unrest within your soul. Stand up and stand strong. Beat their arrogance by knowledge and logic, their harshness by maturity, their persistence with your force. All I can say is, they’re really not that important. The moment you stop giving them what they crave for, they die like vampires would die without blood. So, don’t feed them your fear.
So - Strategize. Confront. And take the stand which is rightly yours.  

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