Thursday, February 9, 2017

Karma? Who are you?

Let us think about Karma for a moment – and its psychological and actual effect in our lives. I always think that it is a force of nature which unveils itself – sometimes suddenly, sometimes it takes its time. When people think about Karma, mostly people think in the way of – do good, good will come back; and do bad, it will come back too. But somehow I don’t really think that’s how Karma works. 

Karma has a personality, (and in fact it has multiple personalities which are in ORDER) I think, if you believe it or not. Some people think they can set off their bad deeds with good deeds. I know right now, while I am laughing at this ideology, Karma is sitting beside me in a rocking chair and having a pipe, giving me that sly smile – because it knows I understand it. Look here people – Karma isn’t a child that you can give a candy or a toy and make it believe something you want it to, or even something you believe. Karma has sharp eyes, a sharper vision and a killer attention to detail. So know this now (and I know for some of you it comes as a bad news) – bad karma cannot be and will not ever be set off by good karma. 

Zonked? Wondering whether I am high? I certainly am not. What I mean is that bad deeds will be taken care of in their own time and will take their own might. You’ve done a bad deed? Be sure Karma is going to equate it for you. Sometimes it might be harsh, sometimes not. It is a sum combination of your guilt, regret (and if you do have such a thing as awareness) and Karma power packs it with actions in its own time and way.

Good deeds will not help in erasing your bad ones. Period. Your good deeds are most certainly, well, good in their own way – if they are not selfish. And when I mean good deeds, I don’t mean just looking after your parents, feeding the hungry, donating, charity or just being a good Samaritan or a concerned citizen. What I mean it – you must FEEL like doing it without you being selfish about what soul energy or ‘happiness’ you get. If they do set something off, they are your own soul, feelings and realizations. You do it because that is you, not because it makes you feel good. That’s selfish! Confused? Good, you should be – because Karma is not one but many personalities in one. I was confused until I found out how it operates. But then when it’s clear, I don’t think any vision is near its excellence.

So, do good or bad – and see what happens. Maybe nothing will happen, maybe something will; maybe a lot will. But I know one thing – what you feel and what you will be will change, and that, boys and girls is ultimately what matters.  

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