Sunday, November 8, 2009

About a friend...

Whom I haven’t spoken about until now is the Blue Genius, my medium’s very special friend. Though Thesius likes him, I like him even more. His attitude is head on right and the guy is pretty unique and interesting in his own ways. What I like about him is that he is not the usual desperate-clit-licking guy, very similar to Thesius and myself. No wonder we like him.
Anyways, since Thesius is going through his own plethora of pain, he talks his heart out to BG, and at some moments even I am unable to control his sea of emotional outflow. What happened a couple of days back was while Thesius was chatting with BG online, BG gave some important targets for Thesius as under, ditto as extracted from the chat transcript.

From BG to Thesius:
1 - I won’t utter negative words about my work or the opportunities it gives me for exposure....
2- I won’t undersell myself or my abilities...
3-I won’t work just because I want moolah... but cuz i want to learn enuf to be independent somday..
4- I won’t program my brain that I am not worthy of love of people...
5-I will complete my novel and be the great Marcus that I aspire in my dreams and vision

I love the last point and specifically for the reason that maybe BG thinks tomorrow I and Thesius will be one soul. I don’t know how far will this materialize. Ideally I would like us to be separate because we both complete a circle currently, though, as always, I would like to dominate.
So right on BG, I believe we both are trying to achieve one motive, to uplift Thesius in his battles and I thank you for that. Despite I liked you from the time you met Thesius, I am developing a respect for you which is really something and I think you and Thesius are going to kick it together. Thank you BG, for your efforts and just being there.

Though you and Thesius talk whenever you have time, maybe sometime we can kick Thesius out of his consciousness and we have a drink and chat mano-e-mano. What say BG?

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