Monday, February 1, 2010


When darkness descended on my lonely home
I was a king, but without a throne
I recited a few verses of sorrow
with which I never hoped to see tomorrow

Tomorrow became today and oh! it was so gloomy
but from nowhere came a light which was very little, truely
Sublime were my thoughts, as I didnt recognise
what came to me was a permanent sunrise

Promises can be bent and promises can be broken
And for this reason I thought I shall always be foresaken
The light became brighter as the time passed away
though it was mild, my hands in front of my eyes sway

Picking each minute morsel from the table as I started eating
I found that my remorse was so self - defeating
Because as I started realising my destiny
Within my soul, I felt it more from a choice fraternity

The light after sometime turned blinding,
but instead of repelling, I found it binding
because however harsh the winters would be,
the summer within me would set me free

Whenever I started on a journey to neverland,
I always reached depths which are meant to understand
Fluttering thoughts always were always negative and relentless
but with it was the washing of the fears, spineless

Now when all seems like it would never end,
I just look at each sorrow like a bend
For the road to happiness is mine to decide
Always I shall to the calling of my soul abide.

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  1. Hey,

    Amazing poem.. truly positive and forward looking.. I really like it..