Thursday, November 5, 2009

My medium

My medium is falling through a mental pit of being the most pessimistic creature I have ever known. Well, he may not be the most pessimistic, but I sure think so since I read his mind a lot. Its been almost a month now and I havent re-started on my novel.
I dont deny that he isn't a good person, but why is he so good to people who do not actually matter much to him, is something which I fail to understand (despite knowing the depths of this mind). Dude, you are doing everything possible to make good something which wasn't yours in the first place. Happiness is something which is not meant for you to find out. Happiness is something which will happen to you... but through me. So you just have to ensure that you allow me to takeover and complete my damn novel!
Just chill and go through this hell you're going. Just two words for you... never surrender. By surrendering you lose anyways. Even if you have a 0.1% chance of winning, always fight for it. You might just win. If you don't, there is something more which has lost its meaning over a period of time... Glory. Understand this Theseus... I shall call u that, cause that's where your character should lie and that's where I want you to be, should you survive this war. I am always there Theseus. Dont you worry.

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