Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cinquain and Couplets

The fields
Are yet filled with snows of today
But yet I am aghast
with the warmth of
the past

As I look upon the blue sky
Clouds, and your face I see
And know my amour
Is free

The destiny was there to await it’s kiss
which time was afraid to, and made it amiss

And if it’s all bright and fighting within, what you’re keeping
Is fought in vain unless, you’re whispering; speaking

Breaking the shadows within the story
And make within a forest that can hold such glory

Regrettably, the light I look upto sometimes is not the moon
But the unwanted learning which shall strike me soon

Carrying the weight of the sun it may seem
Reaching within the heart, the mind may so deem

Blindness assails the love raging in the tumultuous sea,
And then, it’s that one which I keep close to me

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