Saturday, December 25, 2010

Live Forever - Flash Fiction

The dress code was black. She was hurt, confused. How could he do this to her? A tear trickled down as it moistened her winter skin.
He sat on the rocks patiently, as time made no sense now. Nothing left to do. He never knew she would do this to him.
She couldnt help it now; she had to make a choice. So she hurried towards where he had been. He was there yesterday; around the same time.
At sunset, someone sneaked behind him. It was her. He was speechless. She reached to him. He was sad and glad at the same time. They hugged.
Now they would be together forever; literally. "Why? How?" he asked. She said, "Because I love you. Jumped from the same place you did."


  1. Great job, Marcus! I didn't know that was the title. Makes sense. The last line's the killer...seals the deal.

  2. Well done :) As usual I was sure you would be more than the mark.
    Very apt for a short story.

  3. Amazing. Such weight with so few words.

  4. Many thanks for all your kind comments.