Thursday, November 18, 2010

Read my mind...

If you want to live your dreams, you may have to first live through your nightmares.

Sometimes I do not understand whether I am the one who is writing the poem/story or is the poem/story writing Me?

The one major thing that is uncommon between me and the human race is the ‘race’ aspect.

The one thought that shall be constantly dominant, shall be the thought to think for oneself.
Bringing out the best or worst in you in any situation is more a choice than force.

For all writers: When you cannot write, burn up a torch and search for your muse. It is hiding somewhere. You chased it away by your thinking.

If we could really be and think as mature as we try to act for self gratification and reputation, we could turn our life quite some way we wanted to.

There is a usually a huge gap between what people think they will do when a situation will come, and adhering to it when the situation stares at them in the face.

It may take a lifetime to understand the difference between wisdom and intelligence.

I can never forget you, despite the distance, because our love is not a wound that will heal, but an everlasting flower only meant to grow.

Lost in a reminiscence of a touch, the moments tapped my senses such.

She left the scene when I said I am an out of sight out of mind person; not realizing I meant that when she is out of my sight, I am out of my mind. 

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