Saturday, November 6, 2010


I wish I was the sunlight
To make your day sunny and bright
I wish I was the moonlight;
Just keep your windows open
I would come each night unawares
To cast my coolness on your beautiful face
And to just watch my sleeping beauty.
I wish I was the breeze around you
To run my fingers on your face, and soothe your skin,
And to wave your silky hair
like beautiful curtains of shyness
and you could feel me gently touching you
I wish I were the words you read each day
To be read and understood as I am
I wish I was all the moments that make you laugh
I wish I was your pillow,
So you could sleep and forget all worries
I wish I could be a more hundred things
But it seems I just can wish
I am tied down by some strings
But with you in my heart all the times,
I have a lot each day to cherish

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