Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I dream walk my way into reality
each moment I feel a silent drain
Being truthful to others and not myself
My life seems empty and lonely and beautiful
As I walk with this molten heart and cold breath
As I reach the small hills and plateaus
restricted on their own, and me present
Time sometimes fails to tell a tale
It is just there, passing but not felt
And everything around me varying, in vain
since my heart is not where it seems it is
I wish you to leave me oh desolate misery
I want to be in some distant land, in lofty spirits
But I want you as well, for with you I know
You keep me a man, and keep me real
And not infected in peoples judgment
and their sanity and their sharpness
Silent night, all I crave, let this journey
Not be a stretched one, if without her
So I can stay, admire, and then pass
slowly being nothing, into nothing.

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