Thursday, November 4, 2010

My world

Rains come and go,
and the flowers lose their fragrance
But some feelings can never lose their meaning,
Also words, if they are said from within me
I am yours, I am your soul speaking
and you may not know you have to believe me
Clouds cover over you time and again,
You sought the rains from them yet again,
It’s me now who is breathing and I know
you are just pretending to survive while I rejoice
Because, I loved and I still do, and will forever
Awake within me are still dreams you try to forget
you smile but you do not believe,
You may be alone, but I am entwined to another me
Please don’t cry, but your tears make me pure
I cannot smile, but I do believe, and I am joyful
You may need fixing, but I do not
I can never be broken, maybe you are, I wonder why
Questions I have, but now I think I know
While your world consists of words and many things
My world consists of feelings, emotions and dreams

Lyrics of my first self composed song 

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