Sunday, November 21, 2010


In a silent dream of lucidity
it remains calm and protected
distant senses bring quiet aridity
pacifying moonlight remains expected
Oh, I do undergo this reckless conveyance
due to the ocean which ruthlessly burned
carrying some still feelings of gone abeyance
and the sweet haunting my heart earned
Mother Nature plays its relentless tricks
but in these fixtures I am completely pleased
Oh, excuse my haughtiness to your fix
sentiments you cannot from within me seize
I wish to be the silent one in the day
like a pebble on a sea shore
It does only know one belonging; it just lays
it is smoothened in a long forgotten lore
But it is also a kind of an astonishing flower
which blooms under the moonlight of dearth
nothing else gives it such power
Each petal, on it a tear; its only assurance on earth

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