Monday, May 31, 2010

Another layer remains...

In deep slumber I have never remained,
But rarely have I been truly explained;
But I try and find answers to the answers I get
The questions never fully rose, as I try to forget

Darkness sheds itself from under my skin,
But beneath it though another layer remains
While I am faltering and walking the line thin
Separate are my thoughts, but I sustain

As I be the sand in my hourglass of life,
Each day sometimes I fall; then turn, also rise
Failing to resurrect sometimes from the fall of precision
But earnestness is all I wish to see in the hours of decision

Untying my amour from the strings of darkness
My heart is half full of moments of abruptness
Like a bird it flies high, but now it sometimes fears
That it may be shot; not make through its years

A forgotten lore learnt in the early hours of my youth;
Despite agonizing, one must always strike me with the truth.
Because a half-truth is more preposterous than a lie;
The truth however harsh, it is always an ally.

The burden not entirely mine; but all mine as well
To be a man, I believe this is what it really takes
Disturbance within me I always wish a final farewell
But sometimes it stands, waiting at consciousness’s gates

But the skies have never been dark all the time,
Hopes that tomorrow will bring in the much needed sunlight
Chary I am, but I allocate my instincts to rule every time
I shall make it to glory, with all my established insight

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