Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More on Love

Subconsciously it is impossible to refrain yourself from loving, however a strong conscious resolve you may make that you will not fall in love. When love dawns in your heart, it’s inexplicable. It just arrives, and the person you love becomes a part of your thoughts and plans all days and nights. Thoughts and feelings just creep in, however hard you try and resist. If you let this feeling grow, realism just being a byproduct of life, it results in lifelong love. If you resist it, it still grows inside you somewhere, creating its roots inside you – maybe unawares. The feeling of loving indefinitely almost feeling it infinitely, expressing as much as you feel and as long as you can is simply ecstatic; its magical, making your soul beautiful and alive. Though no future is certain, two people loving each other live a lifetime within a life; which may be much higher in meaning and emotions than the sum of the years in your life put together. Love cannot be measured in terms of time. It is just there. Refraining from love is refraining from accepting the very fact that you are a human with a soul and a heart. Without love, we all are just creatures who are born, live and then die.

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