Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I stand, I chose

Occasionally it comes so good to be true
Sometimes it comes as a nightmare
What is all, what is everything about?
What have I got to lose, what have I to share?
The raven has knocked my door many a times
Times I have felt where I will not survive
But yet another day breaks and the sun shines
Though not the same as before, some pledges thrive
As I settle the odds with myself in the dark
A tree stands alone in the backyard with a broken bark
Survival is not what all life has been about
Hopes of a never ending assessment is always in doubt
Singing in the rains and the sunshine alike
The soul seeks refuge in the hours that strike
They strike with an unforgotten lore of togetherness
What is finally a lie, in what will it dress?
Freedom my soul feels, not bound by this in what I live,
But while I live in it, loads to give and forgive
I know now it is not my predicament to refuse,
The winds change each day but I stand, I choose

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